Lineage, Renunciation, and Engaged Buddhism


So rampage a welcome and thank you for joining us on the wisdom. Thank you for inviting seven. I was thinking that Maybe we could start with talking a little bit about the shrunk by lineage and perhaps You could start with talking about the Founder of the chungbuk lineage. And then also maybe a little bit How trump. Akagi differs from mapa kagyu. Okay festival daniel and the whole team wisdom publication all online participants In thank you very much for this wonderful in brief introduction about myself and my predecessor appreciate a lot so so the founder of this book julian agent. What the distinction between the martha in So since that is you're pushing I my onset is I think people have done to stand that. Lineage is not just like one particular practice that defines unin edge. Lineage comes down to combining all the different practices from the great different. It does and putting together and then transmitting that to the next generation that defines as such as mark buckeye ju- gunma guidry. Sean guide drew and all the different images you know. So it's not just a one practice and therefore distinguished as lineage. It is different in moscow. Does practice combined together than transmitting to the next generation so so therefore i just wanted to say that the founder of the shumpert guy drut is Trump landreau himself. Because he is the one that who extra league public or or broader to the to baton and an indian and nepalis and and then also the chinese and mongolian. You know over the time.

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