The Dangers of Sugar and Children

Food Issues


We all know that sugar isn't good for us but really let's take a deep dive into why we really need to limit it in our kids diets. Oh absolutely well. I think you know. Sometimes we forget that during times of rapid growth like in childhood and adolescence that you know kids bodies are really sensitive to the influence of dieting activity. Because they're growing so fast they're seltzer turning over rapidly and that makes them especially vulnerable to the effects of food of physical activity and weight and even environmental damage that can occur and so we really need to put an emphasis during this time of rapid cell growth to make sure that the genes that are being activated or turning on towards health not towards a genetic susceptibility and sugar can actually displace some of these high value. Nutrition foods that play in essential role not just in growth but an immunity but also cognition and genetic expression okay. That's something that we don't typically hear about. And so what about the things we do hear about a lot in terms of childhood obesity. Type two diabetes like these things. We should be concerned about. Oh absolutely i mean first off anytime you look at childhood obesity wolf whether you know kids are really actually normal weight or an overweight. Too much sugar again. Just places. high value nutrition and micronutrients that can increase the inflammatory process that leads to chronic disease over time. Even kids who were teenagers who are overweight and adolescents have a significantly higher risk of colon cancer later in life. I mean we're even seeing precursors in heart disease in children. I mean if you look at like obesity in preschoolers. I think it's risen from around five percent in the early seventies like nineteen seventy two up to close to fourteen percent

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