Why It Pays to Be More Grateful and How to Show It by Dr Jenny Brockis


Why it pays to be more grateful man how to show it by dr jenny. Baucus of dr jenny. Baucus dot com. What are you grateful for. According to cicero gratitude is more than being the greatest virtue. He described it as the mother of all other remaining virtues gratitude. This isn't about remembering to write your christmas. Thank you letter to auntie mabel. Who sent you that hideous pair of socks or thinking. Your mother-in-law for the huge dish of soggy overcooked brussel sprouts. That just got put on your plate at a family get together. This is about real gratitude that is authentic and heartfelt why that matters is because showing gratitude has been shown to dramatically ramp up your level of mental wellbeing. It's been described as an essential component for employee engagement. It has a positive effect on your physical health and resilience. In fact there's so much going for gratitude is hard to find a reason why you wouldn't want to include more gratitude in your life. Gratitude boosts recovery as we move into the new living with kovic era of heard twenty twenty one described as the year of recovery recovery from all our adversity financial insecurity economic downturn and mental health challenges. While i believe it's going to take somewhat longer than one year. Gratitude is an important part of our wellbeing armory for recovery helping us to distinguish between what is important and what is not to stay focused on what is possible and to strengthen our patience humility and wisdom which has been wearing a little thin for patients recovering from heart attack or other cardiac illness. The more grateful patients were found to have better sleep less fatigue and lower levels of inflammation in their recovery face. Meaning they recovered well while in the grace study. Researchers found that the most grateful patients were more energized. Engaged proactive in their own. Healthcare and motivated to make the necessary long-term behavioral changes to stay well breast cancer accounts for twenty five percent of cancers experienced by women when my mom lost her best friend breast cancer while still in her forties. It took her a long time to recover from that loss as gp and in my own circle of friends of known many who have endured the trauma of being diagnosed with the disease and then undertaking the long road to recovery with chemotherapy and surgery but surviving. That is only half the story. What then remains the ongoing fear for currents and possible death this is where gratitude interventions have been found to produce a positive effect and improve psychological functioning better coping angrier perceive support gratitude is linked to wellbeing.

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