Afghanistan Conflict: As Kabul Falls, Biden Backlash Grows


Such a fast takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the Biden administration coming under criticism, thousands of Americans and others will be evacuated, say the state and defense departments. Pictures of the airport in Kabul show the tarmac crowded with people. ABC is Connor Finnegan in Washington. All US personnel have been safely evacuated from the U. S embassy in Kabul. The facility has shuttered diplomats are now at Kabul airport, where the majority will be evacuated. A small core Group, including Ambassador Ross Wilson plan to stay behind ABC News chief Global Affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz talk with the outgoing US commander in Afghanistan. What Scott Miller was most upset about is there was no planning. For getting the contractors out, forgetting the interpreters out for getting those people out who helped Americans for 20 years and are now in terrible, terrible danger. Members of Congress were briefed on the phone by the State Department, says ABC News Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott on that call several lawmakers growing frustrated outraged over this. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy called it an embarrassment to our nation. He is now requesting another briefing immediately from members of Congress. Total earthquake

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