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The walking dead season eleven episode. Five out of the ashes is over but we are just getting started here on post show recaps. This is not a dream. it's chapelle. I am hosting the walking dead. Recap on a recaps. I don't know what went wrong. Jess and josh. You're not here with us this week but luckily at my tag team partner. Aj aj is here to rescue me. Aj how are you today but chapelle. If they're not here we should go. Because we're we're not going to be all these reporters without jess josh. And i'm telling you they're not come in. We should just get out of here. I'll take the bag and we'll we'll just alexandria okay right before we get ready to leave. They'll bustan so just waiting for like five more minutes. And i think they will come to save us. There's no way they leave us doing this. Podcast elijah what do you think. I don't know what to tell you but the end of this. I think what this is gonna have to take care of the other one. It seems that way. Well yeah well for all the listeners. Welcome back we're here to talk about out of the ashes the fifth episode of the season. And i i thought that the solid i so thankful that. I got to miss the episode. That you guys talked about last week. I was on vacation so i missed all that commotion but we get some pretty interesting things and this episode. I'm dying talk about them with you. Sure okay you word forged by fire like the rest of us were last week. But that's okay. I think we might let you into the brotherhood here later on because look i'm not gonna say i didn't like this week's episode just felt there was too many storylines going on in this week's episode. Just one two. We did not need the magnesia that all we already had alexandria and zombie invasion and degrassi junior zombie high on here and we had owned. Let's go on a hunt for tools at the rundown hilltop and we had everything that's going on in a brand new community that we're reading introduced to. Oh my gosh that's interesting. We can't stop there. No we fella maggie and nagin all over the place. Yeah now that's a good point. I think you're right. There was so much so much going on in this episode. And you really couldn't focus on one thing. I'll let you in on like the inside scoop. I take notes for this episode and everything is code because there were so many storylines to keep up with the stuff about the commonwealth. Seems very interesting. You would think you would give us a lot. More information about that and kind of focus on that storyline with the fun cast that we liked so much but instead they wanted to give us a little. There's a little of that little here little there. And it was a lot to digest. But did you have a favorite storyline of the ones that we we watched this week on this episode. I mean like you said the commonwealth to me is just the most interesting storyline going on. I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little frustrated with the whole mystery of it. All i get that you know. It's an eight episode third of season. Here we let an a and we don't want to have everything. Come and half in lake too soon. He wanted to build a little suspense with it. But i just can't really wrap my head around. what the end game is for this subterfuge. Which is clearly subterfuge now. I mean you call way early on clearly. this is steph. I'm not going to get into the fact that that apparently in the credits. He was originally listed as decoys. Stephanie and they changed it credits. In if that's how you that's how you do a spoiler decoy stephanie. And then they reset array of the race to stephanie. But okay okay. You spill the beans on that one. Because i i was looking up the actresses namely definitely. Oh i mean we had figured it out. But i mean you know spoilers please. You're supposed to not find us. But i don't i don't really get what exactly. Okay i'm going to lure you in eugene so that you break the law so will kick you out. But then i'll save you get what like i don't know where this is going and i don't see anything interesting about it. Maybe the wrong. That is just like okay. So the creepy guy from the from the intro. Video is here. Great could have just introduced him and started this whole thing. I don't know what we had to go through shopping. bakeries go. An ice cream stands and the and meeting. Of course the real stuff news clearly there because there was an ice cream thing. And i just i just don't get it. Yeah oh great points. Let's just dive into the commonwealth storyline. They'd okay. We've we've pretty much start that line of story with just this weird commercial there's like the orientation video of the common commonwealth and they're showing they have sack race as a community and ice cream trucks and bicycling kite flying. Like where. Where are you people like this. They said there's fifty thousand people in this in. This town is in this community. Aj these people have been living in bliss the entire time just completely just un bothered by all the things on the outside world. Is that what they want us to believe.

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