A highlight from The Lighthouse (AKA Mayak) (Maria Saakyan; 2006) Second Run Blu-ray Twitter Competition Terms & Conditions


Hello there sorry for the extended radio silence. I'm just dropping into your podcast feed briefly ish to tell you about two related things. Okay so thing. One season six of the show is very much in the works. I'm not quite ready to give you a release date for the first new episode. But i can tell you that my guest will be daniel bird of the hammo beck desire of project who you may know from his guest spots on the projection booth flicks wise canada and supporting characters. Daniel and i will be discussing the lighthouse aka mayak from two thousand six directed by the late armenian russian filmmaker maria sokhun which brings me to thing number two with running competition over on twitter. The nice people at second run have very kindly agreed to give away two copies of the hammo. Becca czar of projects brand new to k. Restoration the lighthouse on blu right to reuss falls unite listeners. Obviously you should most certainly check out. Second runs amazing. Catalog of films. A couple of days. The i can personally recommend on daisy's directed by verity lava and my twentieth century from ildiko. And yeti incidentally the latter of those two films starts legendary russian actor yankovsky anyway back to the lighthouse. Besides the main feature the blu ray also includes maria stockins short film farewell from two thousand three and it comes with a booklet featuring an interview sakun as well as essays by writer curator so mayor and film historian v can galveston. The blue right is region free so wherever you are. Consider yourself eligible to enter. You'll find the instructions on how to enter the competition on twitter. Feed out handle is reuss falls you. That's reuss fold the lead to you at the end. And of course you can find the link in the show notes where you'll also find. The teased sees the deadline is monday. The twenty seventh of september twenty twenty one so head on twitter at your earliest convenience. That's all from me. All the best in the competition may the odds always baillio favor etc. And i'll talk to you soon. Ish dasa folks.

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