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My all time favorite villainess returns to General Hospital as a in a flashback so I don't think she's actually alive again but Elena Casson nine played by the beautiful Constance towers this woman is a quite up there in age and she still beautiful she's a sweet lady and she comes back tomorrow Elena comes back tomorrow so I'm very much looking forward to seeing her always refer the big guys we a lot coming up today on the show a a lot of things I want to get to and I appreciate you being a part of the show all day today and a lot of you've got in on the phone lines are police will make sure they know that you are free to use them CBSSports radios toll free line eight five five two one two four C. B. as a five five two one two forty two twenty seven is brought to you by geico quick way you can save money make the switch to geico go to geico dot com and in fifteen minutes you could save fifteen percent or more on your car insurance I want to get to a few calls before I get to my subject matter for the hour Richie in fort Lauderdale joins us rich I was just in for Laura how are you how are you I'm sorry but it was just there for a lot of it was the computer full well it's always beautiful I mean you know how could it not Europe they've cleaned up they have cleaned up a one way along the beach and right you're absolutely clean it up but it was a gorgeous nights in the girls of beautiful everywhere you look it was awesome I was elected so you know as long as you've been on the radio I've been listening I appreciate that and I need your unbelievable I think there's a bot coming the there's a but coming there is a big well part of that white pine like you put your life on anything really yes it's are you know are very close friends with Julia serving as the greatest athlete ever loved doctor J. love them doctor Jack I was that I played ball with him in high school well your web on art and then I went to you at one of them we'll call you if you want yup you may yes but I don't yeah I have to tell you something was at I don't care anything about what Aaron Boone says because you know you are what you want I word titles or can you okay Erin bloom all you would plug has done probably the best job of managing a team that you go through the list there forty one games over five hundred okay K. L. wait rich up Richie rich and women I I didn't I I I I secured was done a fine job as a manager but we're talking about Aaron Boone saying baseball needs to institute a mercy rule that's ridiculous all the suction off work I've done not on your show I heard something I Google I checked it out on my own okay and the lady in the last since two thousand and fifteen that's three years not three thousand seven okay twenty five thousand nine I wrote it down nine hundred sixty eight missed call Paul who strikes by umpires who had no right working behind what they need to do something they need to put it all robots are there because it's not that you can't judge what's the mercy rule though Richie you know what what it's all about I mean it's nothing to do it all right I got to run rich I got around some of these thank you buddy hi Dave in Maine chalking service Dave her on the job good morning hi Dave good are you doing what's up I I did I thought he was going to get to something at some point he finally does yeah well you know what's as well that my perspective on this unit stand yeah I've been a been a hockey fan for about forty years okay in nineteen eighty you know we yeah we made it to the Superbowl we lost soul gem forget there but the right won the World Series and I was ten years old I thought of you as well yeah so your flash for about twelve years we enter the rich code that year yeah you know your thought great players in the buddy Ryan error but they're just you know they they just start losing from generation one like you said and Yamamoto young husband and and my eagles just walked in the door you thinking right giants one Sunday and I was just I was just punch the one that you know and I had the look myself in the mirror and see what what is wrong and I realized that if you know I realize you know that the thing that's great about sports is that you find your identity in your team that's what differentiates it from other forms of entertainment like movies and TV and that could be a great thing but it's it's a really really bad thing when you when your team's literally sucked and it's just ruining your life see now I never I I got to tell you that I've never found my high def I got it I just don't get I argue with your premise I've never found my identity in my chart right now no I associate with the team and I love it but I've never found like okay when they lose it somehow reflects on me I've never felt that what because I want to find your identity you know we say our eagles are weak why we lost sure yes one thing but if it's not balanced then yeah when your team sucks you're gonna you're gonna let it affect your life no how about this though I live in Atlanta yeah the Braves are one of the youngest most talented franchises in all of baseball and I'm hearing people every day **** complain and moan about the Braves and I can't understand it when they're one of the youngest most talented teams in baseball I can understand I can't grasp the concept of being miserable when things are really really good yeah Arianna and negativity at like this would you trade would you trade the Phillies for the Braves right now I would their roster for the I would trade I'll trade any day of the week it's Alison thoughtless wants to do and I'm all for the tree thank you buddy high pressure they came out created eight five five two one two for CBS I just it's it's when your team is having a bad year and they were supposed to be good I totally understand the upset being upset about it I don't I don't understand when your team is when you weren't supposed to be any good or when your team is ahead of ahead of schedule he got one of the best best teams and you know your future's bright I don't I don't get not being I guess thrilled happy excited just don't understand it just don't understand it okay this is going to upset some people I get it I'm not saying it to try to upset you I'm just being honest with you so if I'm supposed to believe it JZ is no longer woke right JZ isn't woke anymore JZ is somehow not down with the calls which by the way at some point for some people B. came calling Cabernet getting a job again in the NFL for some people that metal has become the that that that somehow became the because that wasn't the clause in case you didn't pay attention it was never the cause the cause wasn't for Colin Kaepernick to have a job in the NFL completely different so now I guess JZ is no longer woke he's no longer down with the because because of the fact that he chose to work with Roger Goodell and cut a deal with Roger Goodell I'm I'm truly fascinated by it because it's the idea that I guess if if Eric Reid decides to take the NFL's money Eric Reid is still down with the because he's still he's still he's totally in in cap ex Campani is down with the calls but a JZ decides to take the NFL's money he somehow a traitor to the cause as Jay Z. was supposed to make a deal with Roger Goodell okay I'm gonna rock nation handle making your halftime shows a little more palatable to people under the age of thirty five and I'm gonna help you with your pre game concerts and things like that but in return you gotta give calling Capranica job what do you like who are who are the simple terms I honestly who are taking this tact yeah Jay Z. you are no longer down man meant what we now now the division because starts from within this isn't about Colin Kaepernick if you listen to me long enough and you've heard the show you will remember when Colin Kaepernick was kneeling I can think of times in my career when I got hate mail and the emails forget other than dealing with the Michael Vick story in Atlanta and being on the air in Atlanta during that whole story the most hate mail I ever got was for supporting calling capital now remember I only supported callin capric for his right to kneel and I only supported it because I knew that my dad a World War two vet a prisoner of war a a decorated veteran would have supported his right to kneel and since I never had the not gets to defend my country on foreign soil I think I said sure shot on when it comes to hear it tough who's more patriotic who loves America more I always sort of say you know what maybe I need to shut up on things like that because I had every opportunity coming out of Carla how high school in Philadelphia I had every opportunity at Temple University said anytime you know what I'd like to go join the service I'd like to go defend the flag I'd like to go and and and support my country I have plenty of opportunity to do that I didn't do it so you know what I sort of feel like those of the times you maybe need to shut up just a little and if Colin Kaepernick wanted the meal I believe he had every right to kneel and I got the most drastic vicious nasty little emails from people how dare you support him in that right and I would explain to the mall actually cut and pasted a response to a lot of them and I said I also support the NFL owners right to not give me a job as much as I support his right to do what he wants to do I also support the NFL owners right for not wanting around and I can tell you if I ran a billion dollar corporation I am not having my store employee my centerpiece employee wearing pink socks depicting copses pigs I am not leading by a star quarterback in my locker room on my time wear shorts that celebrate Fidel Castro well he **** and complains about the United States of America because the asinine nature of that in and of itself so where I supported callin Cabernet I also support everybody else's right to do Hey I own a billion dollar business I don't want you representing my bread I promise you this if I left the CBS studios today and and I was being interviewed on television I had kids socks on representing the apple leases pigs and war Castro shirt and was telling about how bad it is in America I have a feeling that there be a different hosting here next weekend.

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