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William kristol cheney dick cheney wolfowitz krauthammer hammer he was on this to jeb bush wolsey cia nope donald trump was not in here bolton was he was one of the presenters of this fully back this so they wrote this open letter to president clinton because they couldn't get into iraq because iraq owes you're not coming into my country to look at my weapon so they went and wrote a letter and said we need to basically put together this this project this is kind of the ample opportunity we have we're going to submit this and this will give us cause we need cause and reason therefore to go into iraq so they presented the open letter they presented this document now i say that because they didn't hide this they weren't hiding this was out in the open everyone could have read it but we chose not to we just didn't at the time a lot of people just didn't and if you did well you get an award because most people didn't and so outlined was how america was gonna take over the entire middle east let me say that again outlined in the project for the new american century new american century was how the us could take over the middle east right here you have to insert the question are we allowed to do that are we allowed to just take over an entire part of the globe because we want to do we have the authority to do that should we be doing that shouldn't founders thought it was going to be about trade not about takeover of an entire region but okay so they called for a what they said their awards a new pearl harbor event to get americans behind the sort of monumental effort that the cia would carry out to get us control over that entire region utilizing the cia as the front that would make this happen they basically laid out the plan and said we have to have an event that gets people so emotional that they will say yes to the takeover of an entire other part of the globe now at that time remember in fifty three we had taken over iran right we demonstrated a coup inserted the guy right then in seventy nine they reversed that and and claimed that back okay so we still want iran and there are nations that do not bank with the child's.

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