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The play from first base and puig kicks the ball around then he picks it up and starts throwing into the plate he doesn't make it to the play to the cutoff man the runner from first keeps running and he starts going from third to home the ball is kicked around by the dodgers and the angels beach anson on a crazy played in the game of an arab seal week for two on the play kick the ball around he he couldn't throw to the proper place and the run scores and the angels come back and beat the dodgers last night three to two how about that and really an exciting game and i watched some of the video at this morning and johnson was up ninety two ninety three but the cutter wasn't working for him last night so the angels went into day so the angels dodgers today that'll be four fifteen that's stripling and mcguire for the angels today meanwhile arizona they did win last night and they played a very good game last night zach godly was winner last night for the arizona diamondbacks they beat the padres godly who is god awful last sunday remember or against when the giants won that game last sunday against against arizona was having a sunday for godly was it sunday so they beat him last sunday and he pitched very well today arizona win it's stephen susan's back so arizona wins it last night so as these place starts today why didn't talk about colorado yet colorado ended up with a win last night another outstanding game for marquez last night felix hernandez just not the same pitcher colorado beat seattle which is good for the as but the as lost the cleveland last night they're still seven and a half behind seattle but when the dust settles last night so arizona's back in i by game the dodgers that game out colorado has won four straight there three and a half out and the giants are still three and a half out forty six and forty four so game ninety has been played how about that we've got ten more till one hundred boy that's always a big milestone for me ten more two hundred they played game ninety there seventy two left to go and their forty six and forty four three and a half out in the national league west the game today in seattle which is one i'll tell you this is one really to watch this is going to be a very telling game today it is kyle freeland we saw him against the giants on monday and he shut the giants down completely member that and he goes against paxton for seattle today so a battle of lefties and we'll see what the mariners are made out of colorado's made out of today these are two outstanding pitchers i think they'll both well practicing it should be an all star freedom maybe he could maybe could be an austrian unim possible we'll find out tomorrow at four o'clock but rockies mariners today how about that that is an outstanding game today and then the padres tyson must their best pitcher goes against robbie ray who got lit up last time for the diamondbacks a padres diamondbacks so that's what the rest of the west looks like all right very quick break then i am going to come back and we're going to set up carlos martinez and jeff samardzija for you right here came are six eighty the sports.

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