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You're in for a real treat, so let's get started. I can't believe I'm sitting in your charming house. Myself even here we've tried to do every that. The only new thing got was the sofa because fits the space, perfectly it had to be the right size but everything is recycled. Even curtains that one hundred years old. Tried to only have old things I wanted to continue in the house. I love it. Okay, ready? Welcome back to the slow flowers podcast with Deborah printing. And I am so thrilled to introduce you to Shane Connolly of Shang Conley and company based here in England. In London Shane, thank you for saying, yes, pleasure joining me on the I would have said, yes, years ago. Well, I wanted to do at person. Exactly listen, more of a tweet, thank you. So I'm delighted that I got to see your beautiful workspace and studio, and you agreed to sit down and talk a little bit about many topics for the podcast. To start can you give us a snapshot of Shane Connolly and company, the scope of what this, this enterprise is goes. Sometimes it feels like cotija industry, sometimes it feels like it's international. And sometimes it feels like it's a tiny company. Sometimes it feels very interesting. I think I wish someone had been able to tell me when I was sixteen hike, citing my life would be. Glad no one told me how little money you make from it. But the excitement. I suppose when I first started I didn't know what was going to be doing. It was slightly accidents as well as intentional, but I thought I would be doing parties and weddings and with lowers with low. Yeah, but I never thought that it was going to spiral into giving Tokes writing books troubling. I mean, I would never thought that that's the international part. And I believe that I've been to so many places to meet will you, you said the this business now took flowers off the name in its and company? But I was declawed. Yes. But it wasn't. I mean that's certainly not your intent every. 'cause I wasn't doing didn't want flaws that, that wasn't just it just seemed cleaner to be shamed Coney and company. It also allowed it to be the feeling that it wasn't just me. Shading Coney flaws meant that I was so responsive. But it gave the team more of a sense know people call themselves odd petals and rainbows something, and something not means that they then have scope for other people to be considered as important as them on Shang Tobin flaws meant it had to be me. ES whereas uncoupling means. Share the love. That's it. So, so your your, your main emphases are weddings and events. And then. Consulting for specific. Yes. Floral related projects. Yes. Okay. M in speaking, and writing. And how do you divide up that high very badly? Okay. Unusually everything on the same week. Of course, still has to be done by four o'clock. As well as you mean, the last person this Judy, who has to deed, the bins because they started to smell old on the web by five o'clock. How do you divide it up? Not consciously. Okay. I don't think I'm particularly time manager and love Judy who is. Office manager, Judy manage sending sad very badly. I find easy destructed by the creative side, which is the unit while you do it. Exactly. And sometimes the, the delivery of that loved each delivery of roses arriving from Wales going on a lovely femme and not can distract you away from the quote that you're supposed to be writing midday so easily absolute when we were walking over here, I was going to ask you talking about Jili. We'll become on the frontlines. Speaking with the inquiry person enquiring about a winning and trying to determine whether the right fit for you. But at some point, you have the meeting with the prospective couple or the client, and then you do have to write a proposal that's the stuff that you want to run away from the office to go lowers, and yeah, distract..

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