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And killed it happened around, one fifteen this afternoon near the south jetty the victim is a woman the driver, of the boat has not been cited but the investigation into what happened is still underway tragedy, in Riverside County. A person dies and another is. Critically injured in a swift water accident of the whitewater river near Palm Springs the original call that came in was a people in distress on the river. Which starts on the, canyons about Palm Springs and. Flows south of the Salton sea herbicide sheriff's investigator or Mondo Magno said Riverside County fire the sheriff's Palm Springs police even Cal fire rolled on the incident we either report of a rescue for two people and we relocated one male and one juvenile. Who is transported so, to investigators still have to question the person. Who survived to get the full. Details of the accident that led to the drowning and the injuries they suffered p Demetrio KNX ten seventy NewsRadio detective say San Gabriel man who shot his wife claim He thought she was somebody else but they are not buying his. Story man has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence but. The charges could change as detectives get more info LA. County sheriff's Lieutenant Marcia Williams says he opened fire in the. Middle of the night shooting. His wife in the arm as far as a, motive and his spots I I really couldn't even guess that she says. The man told investigators he thought his wife was an intruder however they have reason to believe the shooting may. Have been intentional the woman is in the hospital and is expected to survive, detectives are looking for witnesses and trying to gather more information as they continue their investigation Cooper Rummell KNX ten seventy NewsRadio rowdy, Labor Day protests in Downey that story's, coming up right after traffic.

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