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Here's John Mitchell. Not worth in for John. He is out this week. Tony bedrock is here in for Melissa. Otherwise, everybody else is in their proper spots. Well, we kind of had some things laid out and then Greg Matzek in the last couple of minutes last twenty minutes, or so we find out that while college basketball and baseball is thinking this is our time. The NFL always finds a way of making news. Well, it is their owners we'd meeting week in Arizona. They have a nice time of the golf course as well. But this is typically the area where you start talking about rules changes for the next year. And so on it's usually announced the kickoff game for the two thousand nineteen in this case twenty nine hundred twenty twenty season and it will be Packers and bears. This announced by the NFL on their website. It's official. I think a lot of us this coming, but the NFL is choosing to begin. It's one hundred season not with the Super Bowl winning team from a year ago. But with the most storied rivalry in the NFL, it'll be the one hundred ninety ninth meeting. Packers and bears. Thursday night Soldier Field. Prime time. If you can't make it to the game, you might find yourself at Miller park where the brewers are scheduled to play the cubs storylines, plenty of storylines that week. I know you'll have more coming up in sports and just a couple of minutes. Speaking of sports of baseball opening day. It's Thursday play by play man lane. Grendel will join us coming up at three thirty four today. And yes, we will be all over the latest in the Robert Mueller investigation that is now over and the report sits in the office. What do we make of the Bill bar four page summary, Royal Oakes joins us in just a little bit. But I say Greg has the day in sports coming up next..

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