Clementon, Democrat Party, Joe Biden discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Three things I think you need to know number one it is super Tuesday and leading up to it Clementon is now gonna be Colbert sharpie but it change mark Kelly all throwing their weight only gets courted by the Democrat party behind Joe Biden and his lost mine who by the way screwed up the declaration independence and said it was super use get ready for super Thursday super Thursday your big sale going on a pennies or some issue where there's a second thing that I think you needed to know is that Regina Romero the socialist wacko mayor from out to some of course and in other council person at net Democrat lane a Santa Cruz demanding no Confederate flags flight any rodeo parades in the future and they want the city to stop investing money in the rodeo parade if there are Confederate flags there and by the way Tucson was a big part of the big but it was part of the civil war was part of the civil war it's part of history they want to array sits third thing I think you needed to know we'll get is it seven oh five hello high school part of the Tucson unified school district busted N. E. S. who pretended to he always been quiet on this they had a special event at the school to train kids on climate science yes climate science an advocacy training will get that seven oh five we'll be joined by David apple hammer chairman of the Republican Party of course I've been critical David have either one could nine one should not but I'll give people a chance to call this out I gotta give him credit for that three things I think you need to know all right so it you know they look okay you think a World War two right you had seventeen year old sixteen year old trying to get in the the military there in minutes they are getting it we got to do for the country is a tough these are tough people right as your generation me there into another looker military tough as nails too but it was a different mindset back then right now it sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one year old people to join the military to fight for the country now we have eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one your people they are mad they are fighting back on college campuses what are they fighting for they're demanding Starbucks offer free vegan milk I mean it's yes this.

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