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Well, let's talk about, let's talk about what happens in January. I know investigations are coming. We had congressman comer on yesterday. He's telling us that there are just so many areas that need to be examined and investigated, what about you? What's the starting point for you? Well, the big concern is how political the Justice Department has become. And under that umbrella you got what they did to the school board, you got this idea that every case is being categorized as a domestic violence extremism case when they're not. And then of course you got the what happened in the run up to the 2020 election where big tech with big media under the pretext of the 51 former Intel official signing this letter saying that the Hunter Biden story had to quote earmarks of being a Russian disinformation campaign. All that was used to suppress that story and keep it from we the people just days before the most important election. All that's under this umbrella of how political adjusted department has become that's where we think you have to focus because I say this all the time. America is the greatest nation in history, but America is not America if you have a Justice Department that doesn't treat people differently under the law. It's supposed to be equal treatment under the law. We do not have that right now. So that's where we're really going to focus on the judiciary committee. On the patriot mobile newsmaker line our good friend congressman Jim Jordan, congressman, you look at the next Speaker of the House. There was a big story up on breitbart. Yesterday, conservatives are concerned that if McCarthy Kevin McCarthy doesn't get the votes, this could become a floor fight and the Democrats could take advantage of all of that. Where do you stand on that? Well, I hope that leader McCarthy is going to be speaker McCarthy. I think, as I've said, I think on your show and others, I think he's done a good job of keeping our team together and focused on defending truth and getting facts to the country. You saw that. I always point to the impeachment several years ago when the Democrats did their first impeachment of president Trump ridiculous impeachment. The conventional wisdom was every single Democrat in the house was going to vote to impeach president Trump and several Republicans were going to join him. We go through that four month ordeal getting the facts out there fighting and going through it. And it was just the opposite. Every single Republican in the House of Representatives voted not to impeach president Trump several Democrats joined us. One Democrat switched parties and is now been reelected twice and is a great member of the Republican conference. Jeff Andrew, so that's what happens when you stick together as a team and recognize where the left wants to go is so dangerous we had better stick together and oppose them. So that's what I hope happens, but we'll know here in 5 weeks. Have you been able to talk to folks you know Andy Biggs has been pretty outspoken about this congressman Ralph Norman was on the show last week as well. Have you guys had conversations with your colleagues? We're trying to I'm talking with all kinds of members about the situation and why I think it makes sense to have our team unified and focused on stopping the left. I think Ralph and Annie are great guys and they're good friends as well. We'll just have to work through this as a family. And I think we can. And then be ready to hit the ground running to repeal those 87,000 IRS agents to do the investigations that need done to get to begin to get a handle on this crazy spending the Democrats have given us deal with energy, the border, all those issues we have to deal with. Yeah, look, I mean, with what's happening in the Senate today, we're waiting on this vote for the disrespect for marriage act. I think that has to go back to the house. That's some scary stuff because it's going to put a bull's eye on every Christian church in America. You've got the Catholics, so the evangelicals, everybody's fighting against this thing, and it could come down to whatever happens in the House of Representatives. Well, and it comes on the heels. This is how serious this is. It comes on the heels of the Justice Department again, unequal treatment of the law, the Justice Department going after a pro life activist, they kick in the door of the pro life leader outside of Philadelphia, arrest him in front of his wife and 7 children for something the local judge and local law enforcement said wasn't a crime. U.S. attorney has the FBI kick his Dorian? What is going on here? So you couple that together in the attack on people that have a different political belief or different religious focus than the conventional wisdom and power is just scary stuff and again, it goes back to this, I think the overriding issue that is of such concern to us in the district committee is the political nature of our Justice Department today. It's terrifying. And again, going back to what we still don't know about what happened on January the 6th. So we do know we now know that there were a number of FBI agents and informants involved in the planning and the execution of whatever happened. And my question I'd love for you to ask this, why didn't the FBI intervene and stop the attack on the capitol? Yeah. Well, look, we know that there was all kinds of undercover agents and informants involved in the situation in Michigan. Another concern we have, we know that Timothy T bolt because of a whistleblower who at the senator grassley, Timothy T bolt was involved in suppressing evidence about the hunter bike story. The on and on it goes and our Justice Department issue after issue incident after infinite, and that is what I think is, as you said, just frightening..

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