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Through this Kalma can commute certainly know it. It's a construction don't here, and it's been a bad spot. For crashes this being at least the sixth involving a bin truck in the last several months. Some drivers I've spoken to the last. Couple of weeks of told me the lanes are too narrow you can't see the striping, and I spoke to one man who said he thinks also people are going to fast is everybody merges together. Jonah petits was state patrol says it's a combination of things through here. But obviously, we've got constant construction. We've got limited shoulder and especially with cold and wet weather conditions. Like we have today. So important, and we're stressing that drivers vigilant and make sure that they're paying attention and doing everything they can to get home safe. It was a three and a half hour closure in both directions. Tom is everybody rerouted into the collector distributor lanes had to clean up. A larger diesel fuel still. There was also a secondary accident in the northbound lanes, thankfully, just minor injuries. Both directions were back open by seven AM reporting live. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news X. Carleen the prison inmate commits murder while already serving life without parole. What's the penalty? That's what a state lawmaker wants to know he proposes reviving the death penalty for murder behind bars. See Senator Keith Wagner says Byron Scherf is exhibit number one was on death row for the two thousand eleven aggravated murder of corrections. Officer Jamie Bendall as shirts own attorney told the court surface admitted that he killed miss Bendel. It's a question of whether this was something that he planned to do the court found the crime was indeed premeditated. But last fall the state supreme court declared the death penalty unconstitutional. And commuted all death row sentences to life in prison now Wagner, Republican from cedar Willie is sponsoring a Bill to reinstate the death penalty in cases, like sheriffs Wagner, Chelsea Everett herald, there must be consequences for incarcerated individuals who commit murder state. Senator Jamie Peterson stands in the way, he's chair of the Senate law and Justice committee. He says Wagner's Bill will not receive a hearing. Peterson tells the herald, quote, I don't have any interest in trying to re institute the death penalty. Corwin hake. Komo news. A new trial is underway after another murder and the homeless encampment known as the.

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