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Now back that Heather Dubrow world. Oh. I feel like we you being like Kentucky Fried Chicken, and then that was morphed into everything else. We had some family situation on I think we've found out. I think we've found out on Thursday. But really started talking about it on Saturday with my brother. Oh, yeah. So, but it was nice. I mean, the that's the hard part, right? Because I'm with my sisters, my mom and the kids are running around and having such a great time. But unfortunately, it's like the. Elephant in the room that we have to talk about it, and it sort of like a damper. But you know, it is what it is. But that was nice just all being together the kids, and every has your mom so stressed the oh like beyond. I've never seen her the stress. So it's it's hard and a birthday's coming up. So I wanted to something special for her. When is your birthday, the twenty fifth hold is. You don't talk about. Now. She's like sixty four six good. She looks good. Yeah. Yeah. She looks really good. What are you gonna do for? I don't know. I'm going plan that with my sisters and see you guys should go to LA. Yeah. She needs more like a spa. Oh, yeah. She's breaking out really bad because of stress. Yeah. So she needs to just think like checkout getaway, it's maybe we'll just get like overnight would you ever go back to ranch of Lenzi are not right for her. No pop. Probably not right now. What about? I don't know if you have to go there for a week. But I went there years ago too. It's the place where Oprah found her chef that she had all those years ago rosy, it's called it's down by San Diego. It's down that way. It's called Oh omega. my God. It's going to. I know some of you out there going. All all remember it. But it's it's Dido. It's called I don't album breath, not Rancho LA Puerta. And it's not although you guys with love ranch. Why don't you do that? I have to look it up and see remember, we're Maxon I went to Mexico in. Oh, that's right. Oh, she would love that. Although she's been going there a lot from my aunt. I don't know. I have to I have to ask my sisters and seat. But. I'll go look up the places. I can't can't remember the name plays. It's gonna drive me insane. But yeah, yes, something like something. I wanted to just feel like getaway unplug if she can. And just you know, I know it's hard because when your kids are not in a good place. It's hard for you to ever. Relax. Relax. No. You can't. Yeah. And then Sunday Riley, and I it's restaurant week in LA. I saw that. I saw a picture of Riley. He's so cute. I saw a picture really like massaging like the tiniest like he was holding one right appetizer and one little flower. Whatever the green putting like the water has to make sure it was like exactly the right way. I live with. My gosh. I'm like just eat it. Oh my God. I don't think a scramble would work well with him. It really doesn't. It's so painful. Oh my God. We went to LA went to place called Kelly. Knock great. No, no. And that's it. We got like a good deal because it was restaurant week. But normally it's like double the amount. How good he leave here is it a restaurant week here. It's an LA so restaurant week in OC this week. They have like a bad at little event. Yeah. Okay. But we went yesterday and have that with some friends, and it was fun. But the food wasn't where is that? It's right next like paramount studios. Okay. I'm not sure cross-straits anything. But is it in Larchmont could be marchmont. It'd be it'd be repairman..

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