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The Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand Germany, Belgium, Italy. Spain Portugal Sweden Finland. Denmark, Norway Austria the United Kingdom and France, if they can do it. We can do it, right. Andrew, Reggie represents two thousand small businesses and restaurants. We're already seeing more and more businesses close. We're seeing more and more restaurants, and bars cut worker hours, cut jobs. He noted that require two weeks, vacation time would be. In addition to a mandated week of sick, leave at city hall rich lamb WCBS, NewsRadio eight eight. A batch of tainted brownies is sick and half a dozen Bronx high school students police suspect they were laced with marijuana six female students at charter high school for lawn. Social Justice were taken to the hospital earlier this afternoon, this after they complained to feeling ill and being in pain. An eighteen year old man was taken into custody charges against him or pending hate written on a synagogue rallies, astatine island neighborhood against it. WCBS reporter Marla diamond has this. In word and deed, Jewish leaders, the district attorney congressman max rose, and other elected officials. Let it be known that hate will not be tolerated on Staten Island graffiti on the walls is going to show us, and teach us that we had full of Staten islanders the forgotten borrow in forgotten. We woke up rabbi Moishe Katzman applicable of Staten Island and others, picked up, rollers and painted over the words, synagogue of Satan NYPD chief, Ken, Cory says, there's an active investigation, but they need the public's help to catch whoever's.

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