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Beat up on the boys, so it's it's it adds to the sportsmanship the competition. We're GONNA talk to Neil Tomorrow. Because of course not only did he have this mayor getting up in the grade one but one that came back so smashing LII in the Wilshire and She's sort of the. Kind of in that the same mold as You know as this year's three year old. Likes like a sweet Melania and a and a decorated invader twin that. As, she pleased. Under Flavian Pratt. On on Saturday, looking for always fun to get Neil as they call them, let's get to the Belmont Joe. The ACA is us, and you gotTA. Follow Joe. J., BIANCA TEDIUM AND I'll send out links to both the written piece. We referenced that the beginning of the conversation with Joe as well as the video that was so beautifully done. Joe Tis the law. We just talked to Barclay me preceded you, and this is such a nice story for all the all the right reasons. Oh, yeah, one hundred percent it was it really was like a fairytale ending for variety of reasons first of all obviously the new. York bred thing one hundred thirty eight years in New York bread, and won the Belmont after all that. New York's been through for the last couple of months that was a storybook finish but also you know the the unfinished business for Barclay and for ACA Toga now the first year that I followed. Followed, racing was two thousand and three and funny side was you know really spoke to me as a underdog as a as a gutsy? Yelping is a New York Brad like he just was so easy to root for, and you know that really kind of got me hooked on racing that that Derby and preakness around and I was I was heartbroken and I think a lot of people were when he was beaten in the Belmont. And it was, it was It was unfortunate. Obviously, it was a terrific performance by empire maker but I. Think a lot of people latched onto. That horse was kind of similar smarty Jones the year after where it was just you know the the devastation. Thinking you're going to see a triple crown for such a likable horse have been having it. Be Over in two and a half minutes so I thought it was great for them that they kind of got that. They completed the triple crown. You know what however many years seventeen years later. That was a great story and he's just he's. He's a super likable horse. Manny Franco's super likable jockey, maybe the first jockey with braces. To win triple. Racing!.

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