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Iron see perfection in every shot or at least almost every shot. The new apex today. Calloway. The number one irons in golf phone calls coming up once again, recapping the yes, I just want to jump in and Ricky Iglesias is still with on a corner of okay? No, never married. They're just together. Just together. Do they have kids? You'd think it'd be a crime not to win. Yeah. I see some just they have twins nNcholas and Lucy and Jess or did they do that the has a few months where they recently became parents to twins nNcholas and Lucy. I believe in a corner. Kovas brother little brother is a golf prodigy. I don't know how I know that I don't know why I know that. But recapping the big news Cuyler Murray is over five feet ten. Hand size almost nine and a half inches. I think he might be too tall his hands too big. I don't know we set the bar low there. But if the story is so much better if he's under five ten key ruined it. Now, he's over five ten now. He can be drafted number one overall. John in Cincinnati joins us. He has a theory on how Murray got to five feet ten. John. Welcome. Woody have force. Hey, thanks for having me. John from Cincinnati five ten one eighty five. And I really am five ten and I believe that. I believe that Carla Murray went Bobby Brady on them from the Brady bunch you. Remember that episode? He Hong from the swing set any got taller. Well, that would only help your arms. No, no, no, his brothers and sisters Marsha and Greg and everybody he had a piece of tape on his bedroom closet door and every time he came in from from the swing. He didn't know this. But they were lower the Tate. All right. Well, thank you gotta. Yeah. All right. Yeah. We're we're curious how he got to. We have kinda Murray on the show. Didn't I ask him the first time he came on? How tall he was could you maybe see if today's can find that Seton. But I remember asking him. And I thought he said he was under five ten I think he also said like one eighty five one ninety. Yeah. The school came out and said he was five nine seven eight. Yeah. Calum Murray binge eater. Given how did you get taller you? I like to say. I'm giving you the real numbers. I believe five to like a more than ninety five. Okay. He might have been rounding up, but he's put on a little bit of weight there though. He's over he's over he ruined it sluggish. Yeah. Culinary too tall kind of stink. So he'll never run a forty now that he's a two oh seven though because you can't I'm sure he put on twenty pounds of muscle. He could around like a four three some crazy isn't super fast. Yeah. Yeah. I'm guessing if he runs four four. Mike. He's still fast. I don't know if somebody's going. What are you saying if he runs a four five then I'll say if you put on twenty pounds for the combine you usually don't run a forty by players always talk about it's a balance either go for the weight or you go for the speed Sam in San Diego joins us. Hi sam. What do you have for me? Hey, good morning, Dan by five nine and a ten seventy. So I I ever heard.

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