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And the Rams also seven seven up the great northwest San Francisco failing at Arizona seven six gosh Rosen seventy five yards the Krisztian Kirk and the Cleveland Browns win at home in overtime well to nine Larry. Brown's like overtime third overtime game of the year. I think they're happy to be here. Twenty one. Eagles will kick it away. Holt mil deep in the end zone to our left for Minnesota. And he will watch this one travel out of the back of the end zone. Touchdown. Obviously the best drive of the day. So far permit for Philadelphia offense. I lied to by the forty eight yard reception by Shelton Gibson is I catch of the year defensively that's been a problem for Minnesota. That would be the eighteenth pass play allowed in five games of twenty. Plus, which is not a good thing. If you're Minnesota last year, they only allow thirty five all year and here it is a quarter of the season in Arab more than halfway to that number. I down from twenty-five her cousins on a day nine of twelve eighty nine yards. And he's gonna throw rolling to his right? Looking being chased throws short over the middle ball is and getting across the thirty to the thirty two is the tight excuse me, the fullback CJ. Now this catcher the year gain of seven CJ ham. Second you're out of Augustan escape. You're right. He's only got one rush CJ ham. He's a fullback in a lot of offense is the NFL if today's NFL. Rarely do you get a rush more often? Do you get receptions? Second and three from the thirty two tied at three hundred twelve minutes to go in the first half. Murray the single back. Under center. Quick drop thrown out wide receiver screen left side Shelton. Diggs eagles are ready for he breaks, the first tackle and get out. Went across the thirty five and got out to the thirty eight yard line. So looked like they had them for a loss and good also by Shelton Dick's. So he got digs out there with Lachlon Treadwell stacked to onto its two onto game. You throw the quick screen outdoor. I did get a great block the track. Well, by the way, that was just spectacular running Stefan. Digs course, the hero of the Minneapolis miracle that sixty one yard touchdown catches time expired in the playoff game against the saints. Five catches forty six yards here today. Thousands out of the gun from the thirty nine. Hands it off and getting across the forty two forty this latavius Murray. A gain of two. About the history of the Minnesota Vikings. Stefan digs is a fastest biking receiver ever ever to two hundred career receptions. Randy moss. Played there. Randy moss. Firstly harvard. Did it in forty two games Stefan did in forty games? Second down and eight from the forty one. Again, Murray the single back. Two receivers right to left from Adam feeling much, and they give it to digs on an end around right to left digs the forty five midfield forty five. Philadelphia inside the forty and finally pushed out of bounds at the thirty nine. I I hate to admit it. I bet on the fake just like the eagles defence did. On the play. I'm watching the run. I wanted to running back run rather idea. Go wife, nobody tackling him because he didn't have the ball. Yeah. There you go..

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