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Of Trying to be friends off. The racetrack is Yeah yeah we're all pretty fierce competitors in you definitely you gotta go out there and compete. Is that something. That's either unique erred or different about Nascar because your friends off the track and then you go at it out of the race track. Is that unique to this particular sport. Yeah i'd say so and it's definitely different because to be racing. I think you know the spot everyone would want to be in a is right here in mooresville charlotte area where we all live so And you know really a lot of my friends that that are here you know. They are their family live somewhere else. And you know to be successful nascar you had to come here to young age and And it's it's funny. It's funny it's kind of just interesting live here alone and It's just a different situation. So i think it's kind of fun to and nice that we can all hang out together but yet it's definitely weird before the race Talking to those guys and then go out there and gone one eighty next to him and and trying to beat them. Yeah for sure for sure. You mentioned bristol. Might be one of your Weaker tracks on on the first part of the supply of system d ahead to a simulator and and try to work it out there. Yeah definitely. I think The last year we struggled with a little bit of our simulator work and Now maybe let us down the wrong path a couple of times but this year can really strong You know ford has been working a ton with our team this year. It's been been really good. Have their support so And nowadays really with no practice. That's that's all you have to go off of so it's hard to put all your eggs in that basket but you definitely have to have some in there and You know take what. It's worth every single week so i think that's definitely probably really our only way to get better at this point season. How much more real is that simulator. Compared to say you know what we can play on playstation or whatever It's it's pretty intense stuff. There's like a full chassis and mary. You're sitting in a real racing see Your where. I wear my driving shoes and gloves so It's pretty much a one eighty screen. Where you can't you can see the whole thing in front of you and it's probably like five projectors so it's pretty crazy it's pretty Pretty high tech. But you know these guys. Like i said that's the only tool nowadays so i'm very thankful they They have it all. Yeah absolutely for sure for sure. All right you're heading into the playoffs. Best of luck to todd. Gill thank you so much for being on the program once again and we will watch you this weekend and throughout the playoffs awesome. Thank.

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