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Up eighty was still gonna let it run you in it to win it will we don't win means there's not a whole lot you can get excited about an odd business is all about winning the games us what we worked so hard for uh going old back to the offseason programme and training camp in these proc this is that we have it's all about winning we have a hole forms when we win as a happy locker room it's all about win it's all about one all right so that's what he said is all about winning would you really mean you say this is out there bowman victory six sex we get bad tag heuer get behavior a gift to the corner care me guide their liberal liked he we hate the of bachelor he did carried off the tyree aged care at eyes we k scared what guarantees have you see this asked w well jackson so barry anakra's went up my offers look like the jack they've got his car rich varga greeted of keio they get the nod to three it overdoes buffalo bills here's his head coach rod rivera all kim newton's slow start to the season could decisions to missing some opportunities he's obviously knock in the rust often now as time goes we'll see him get more and more consistent orrick that's what he said were really me we played the buffalo bills workers we will off were all phrase litigating rdv we've all of the six points but offensively good graces the line valve good awful we could good legal bears this week could rogge football we would block you though barry we gave up zigzags bad were cigar gobert looked like us a refrain is gives it a quarterback owners rigid did look like eighty five bears are gigamon quarterback joe bore we live off we try to go out to los angeles because the charges bear their share of aid the they just losing the bulls pathetic situation is that these rip your heart out if you affair any the happen again and win the kicker missed the kick that could have won them the game here's their head coach anthony lien on his kicker yang the whole.

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