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Let's start right there with Campbell clinic how healthy are we are we have two games in a row where everybody plays we have two games in a row where everybody's healthy for sure that is amazing and will you start the same way as Damian boss still in the starting line get them involved with the pressures Lester and lance the last time you guys played with this Connecticut team it was up and down even though you couldn't tell by the score but there were a lot of turnovers twenty four by the Tigers twenty by the Huskies and that was when you sort of took the reins of the team to come down and oddly enough coach it's weird since you've done that less turnovers but not wins it's kind of a crazy combination is there a fine line well I think that there is a fine line but you know I was too many live ball turnovers at home against Connecticut they got out on fast break got a bunch of fast break points we catch them was kept them in the game in our building and with meek are called a more plays I'm not going to say that I'm gonna say that's better for us because we're score more points but we just got to do small things box now the fifty fifty balls and things of that nature going to seal the deal you said something about the sunshine that you see and also that you even a loss in Cincinnati really appreciated what your team was able to accomplish has that carried over the last couple days in practice yet has to me for the second time this year the team kinda has taken on the personality that we want them to have it has to be more hard nose we've been playing way too soft we haven't been playing tough enough we've been losing game that we shouldn't lose because of those reasons and the game is Cincinnati was really good because we fought the entire forty minutes and this came up short in in that game just plays down the stretch you got to match if you wanted so I know they executed what you wanted to do what you gotta do today against this team that you've already seen gotta keep my to transition you got to rebound a basketball last time I got on the glass honestly got on transition those two things are as is as far as guys like Lester can Eunice he has been critical the last couple of games boogie Ellis to and defensively how do you set up in in is is going to have their big guns a tall was gonna start with lesser less is going to start with what with Christian and Alex when he in the game's going to ram as well and he's really good even better at home senior that are they want to win and then he has guys those guys play really hard and you know book might have been the one isn't playing the best for him lately been doing a really good job gaining confidence every game and that will be booking I know that you love to look at film and in the last three games since they played Memphis they're shooting percentages going up like four percent to forty five and a half percent or something in that neighbourhood what are they doing differently men they're making shots I mean they're very aggressive guards anyway their guard driven team there was a lot of great says those guys coming off screens and pinned down and they they know how to run sets and they're making shots in there when they make shots there with the really tough they are now starting three freshmen it originally you know had Gilbert in the starting lineup so they're not that experienced team that we've seen before in this league against the freshman does that come into account here is this late in the season are you know what I really like a freshman at this time of year and been sophomores I think you've been through so much and been through so many wars already dead you know your veteran you're pretty much are not a freshman anymore and the put given on the bench just like heaven Lou Williams with the clippers he still comes in and they'll get the job done placed order minutes but those freshmen have proven that they can compete on this level and and they're doing a great job one guy that has not really been in every wars Malcolm Dandridge we saw the energy got a little one lucky dive on the floor and up with the ball and be on the side line or a bass line how healthy is he today what kind of role he have in this game what is healthy definitely physically is where he is mentally he has to go out there understand what we need from him and as protecting to reminisce read on the basketball and we're gonna need a lot from him because you have to protect the rim against these cars cars really tough to guard man to man and they're probably going to be in our paint enough hopefully not a lot but enough that he's not the protectorate in another fascinating aspect to this game for me besides the guards up front we have six six guys in the top fifteen in the American in blocking shots she got precious you got a coke a cook cook who's leading the league and then there's lance Thomas let's talk a little bit about him there's been slippage since worry was at its height but in this game against you con in in Memphis it's five blocks in that game worse he yeah I think that on every game is different for lance you know he came into the the UCF game been one for sixteen from three sorry let them open any got hot the next game they didn't believe it let them open he got hot again and no yes so just now they're not gonna leave them open yes it just this game and played you know play more depressing and take his house where we can and then we'll be I think the last six games I did the math is like fourteen points a game is he settled in now is his role strictly going to be on the wall and do you think he could get even better yeah he settled in he's a guy that you know I was started off for seventeen in a conference and has made a huge stride through hard work through tough place and he definitely is where he's going to be on the ball I I notice DJ Jeffries is not using crutches at the moment everybody's wondering how quickly you think he will come back any updates on that no but he is getting better much faster ahead of schedule but you never know because they have to get back in shape we're still gonna keep a six week right six weeks right now but it's great to see him without crutches last thing on paper this is the last time we'll be in Connecticut in the excel centre although there is talk that the league might have made some deals when Connecticut was talking about exiting and part of the negotiating a deal was that they would play some league games and because of your relationship with Danny Hurley that this might be something that would continue a home and home is there any chance of that I think there's a chance because then in our clothes and we could definitely work on it for the future for sure a coach must look protection post can show thank you that is penny Hardaway brought to buy Campbell clinic back to Memphis here's Jeff right well thank you very much day we have a little.

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