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And Willard Scott, the beloved weatherman who charmed viewers of NBC's Today show with his self deprecating humor and cheerful personality is passed away. He was 87 years old, a successor, Al Rocker. Announced that Scott died peacefully Saturday morning surrounded by family. He began his 65 year career at NBC as an entry level page at an affiliate station in Washington, D. C. He rose to become the weather forecaster on the nation's flagship morning show for more than three decades. Course, his trademark giving the on air birthday greetings to viewers who turned 100 years old by putting them on the faces of Smucker's jelly jars, something that continues to this day. Scott also played Bozo the Clown when he hosted a Children's TV show in the 19 sixties and Ronald McDonald and commercials in the Washington area. Yeah, alright P two a legend Willard Scott and I was a very, very, very young child when he was on the year and I remember watching the forecast before we would leave and As a child and 1st 2nd, possibly even third grade. I couldn't fathom somebody reaching 100 year salt. I still can't. I mean, it's It's incredible, but Obviously I can't. I can't now. But yeah, it's an incredible feat. And they still do it to this day are AP to a legend. Take us with you Wherever you go Download the talk, Streamline free mobile app reach out to me anytime across the board on social media. Matt Matt Ray talk. Use the Hashtag America's first.

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