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Of accolades engaged, you are not aware. Mr Kelly has been under fire for years regarding holding women against their will. I'm pretty sure that bond would be rate. Here's a lot of food. He grew up with they could be okay. Publicist. Darrell Johnson says are Kelly wasn't planning on going to jail when he arrived at court Wednesday after failing to make a judge mandated child support payments. Arrangements. I think it was fifty or sixty thousand dollars. He was willing to paint in the end. Nobody wins the kissed. He'll he'll have any money. This is this is an important story because our Kelly's not the first person to be accused of inappropriate relations with young folks. In case you've missed it. There's now HBO special with the alleged victims of Michael Jackson. Okay. Something that I cover in my home state of Georgia during our legislative session is a little something called the hidden predator act. And it is you could surmise what that is. And it's basically entities that have covered things up over the years. And there's nothing new about people's lust whenever it comes to our kids. The the thing that always amazes me. Is how willing parents are to balance at the feet of their idols with their kids and this can run the gamut of either entertainment God's religious guards or case g right? The priests, you know, spotlight was a horrific movie that shined a just the beginning of a light on the Catholic churches offenses regarding little people in innocence. And what you find that. So sickening in that movie is how many of the parents knew. I want to ask you something as a parent. What are you doing to ensure that your children and teenage daughters or young men and women in their twenties are not going to become the subjects of? Something so scandalous like this. I mean, just listen to some of this. And I mean, it's astounding this was this was a CBS interview. With Gayle king. They are still talking about you with underage girls. Do you still sit.

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