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So let's think back. Obviously we've taken public transportation or hired a car. Whatever to get to the city from there were should we look at booking hotel. Sh we try to book it close to the beach part of like downtown or like. Is there a certain area that we should avoid worship book hotel row. That awesome be used. He full hotels in bites. I am quite biased. Because of a few them ball we were really really lucky because we have some new tourists. That some lovely ones on c. Funds they range from kind of luxury autism residents of the number twenty one blanche house. Drake's things that that that will kind of dotted along the seafront but brighton and hose it city. We're kind of joined city. Amer bites leads into hoes justin fund. So we are at the same place. It's just kind of one boundary street which separates but there is no of the separation apart from that and then the hotels over that side of town as well. The houses are bigger flats flaxseed brighton. So the has his numerous or the ceilings in pretty high so that the different style of obscene accommodation. But mostly it's called look by the fund brighton. Or hove or came down. And there's not really good airbnb as well. We have quite popular for coming down for putting inverted commas dirty weekend..

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