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Hi i'm connie joe with the latest round news one or two point nine karn this past week at the state capitol as little rock nine former speakers of the arkansas house gathered with members in the house chamber to pass a special resolution hmr one thousand and one was presented last week in respect for all memory of tim massive la he served as house parliamentarian for four decades from nineteen 75 two 2012 massive ellie passed away last week february twelve mass nelly had worked in his tenure with over one thousand legislators seven governors and ten speakers at the house in business in the fiscal session last week the house passed more than thirty appropriation bills for several licensing boards and commissions the bills passed do not include any increases in funding arkansas house and senate leaders have asked governor eisai jin said to go ahead and call a special legislative session to take place after the ongoing fiscal session adjourns to consider bills on regulating p bam's that's pharmacy benefit managers and amending the law and open containers of alcoholic beverages in vehicles arkansas online identified house speaker jeremy gillam and senate president protem jonathan dismaying who made the request in separate bud identical letters to governor hutchinson who said he will be reviewing all of that data and make a decision about the special session sued the legislator did not meet friday lawmakers returned to business tuesday after the holiday yes monday is president's day of federal holiday also all city county state and of course the federal offices will be closed post offices banks and many libraries will also be closed some city services will run a day late in arkansas it's also daisy gaps and bates day monday commemorating the civil rights activist who played a key role in the integration crisis that occurred at central high of little rock back in 1950 seven i'm connie joe news radio one or two point nine karn my morning starts this way by grabs him oatmeal cup of coffee a run out the door to start my work day and it listen of first news with kevin miller on the.

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