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Out of here. And that's even after and Ryan has sat in this chair many times. Confirmed that he did, in fact, when the colts asked paint Manning and Ryan leaf the same question, like if we make you the first overall pick, what are you going to do? Peyton said, I'll get in the playbook. I'll do this. I'll do that. And Ryan said, I'm going to go to Vegas and hang with my buddies. After that sort of, if you will, red flag got raised. They still kicked tires all the way to the end. So I understand that the team's grind certainly when it's such an important position. But when you say it's a certain type, the type for Frank Reich is somebody who's over 6 feet. That's the idea. And when I say type, I think if you're going to take the number one pick and you're going to make them, you know, like you have the pick. So you're going to take a quarterback. You don't want to be picking a top ten pick again. Especially for a quarterback, you want to say, this is the guy that we pick at the top that we're going to roll with for a long time. Yes. So I think when you have that, it has to be not only does he fit the body type. And maybe he doesn't. Nowadays I think that more people are open to, it may not be the traditional body type, but a special player. Like if you're going to trade up trade away future first round picks and go pick number one, it's got to be this player that you feel like captivates all of the things that you want in a playmaker. Yes. Especially if you're a team picking at the top. Usually that means that there's some holes. There's a thing you got to shore up. So you got to find a guy that can almost make up for a little bit of that. And that's why to me, like I don't know, like I know a lot of people say that Frank likes the bigger body type, but you can't argue with the ability that Bryce young has to make plays when nothing's there to create. And most teams, most coaches nowadays say I want that guy. I want a guy that I know if things break down. If I don't call the perfect play, who's the guy that can find a way to make a play for me? And I'm not taking anything away from CJ 'cause he does a tremendous job at that as well, but I would say that's almost where a Bryce young thrives in that. Okay. And you made a great statement earlier when I was in the green room where I heard it. Yes, sir. Teams don't want to be picking top again. Like, I think you're a referencing the Seattle Seahawks. Saying, hey, we don't want to be picking this out again. Pete Carroll's literally said to us on the 2nd of March when he called into this. I've heard that from so many teams. So many coaches, not just this year, but in years past, where they say, look, we don't want to be picking top 5. We don't want to be picking top ten again. So we have to look at quarterbacks because if we can get a quarterback at this pick from a money value standpoint, look what we save by not having to go out and sign a high priced veteran. So then how would the concept as forwarded by my buddy longtime friend Adam Schefter who knows quite a bit that he's not sold on the idea that the Texans are going to take a quarterback second overall? How does that notion hit you as somebody who is close to the situation as you are? I would almost bet that they've gone down that path. They have to go down both paths. They have to go down the path that says, okay, what if Carolina chooses quarterback a and we have quarterback B sitting there? Is that the person that we want to pick right now? Or is there somebody else that we can pick? And then that, like you said, opens up the door for Arizona now saying, thank you. Now you just slid quarterback B into our lap, and now all of a sudden, we can send out trade. Now we can move out of that third pick. So, you know, to me, there's like these different notions of like, okay, do we need a quarterback that bad? Or do we need as an organization to take the best player available? And maybe the highest player on their board could be a defensive player, like who knows what it is. Some teams will say, if we're going to be the second pick and we have an opportunity to take a quarterback, let's get him. Because it could be right. And we don't have to overpay. It's not the old years where you got to pay 60 70 million guaranteed. It's not those years anymore, you know? But are we at a position as an organization where we just have to take the best overall player? But you're also talking to the Texans every now and then, obviously, and you were at the pro days. I believe you said Bryce young's pro day, you ran. And Taylor Kelly ran Bryce's from 3D QB. And so that would kind of, I know will Anderson is really special. That's the guy I'm thinking who would cause them to say choice B and a quarterback spot versus will Anderson, maybe we do one over the other. Teams like to talk to me about quarterbacks. And they like to ask about the quarterbacks. Tell me what he's like off the field. Tell me what he's like in the meeting room. Tell me what he was like training on the field. Talk about this, talk about that. Nobody's talking about, here's what we're thinking. Did you ever ask them? No, they always try to pin these things on me. They always try to pin like all right. You're the general manager. Which guy, you know, I'm like, no. I'm two guys at your coach. Happens all the time. Happens all the time. But they kind of do it with a laugh. Like, I know. I know. But they just want to hear something is split moment of clarity that they could or at least view his class. I know and it's funny. I'm like, guys, don't try to put that on me. But I mean, look, I love the conversations. Like when I get an opportunity to talk with teams, I love talking about I love talking quarterbacks. I love talking about both those guys. Yes. CGM Bryce love both those guys. They're special trades to both one of them. But the thing is, is no team ever, ever, ever says, here's what we're thinking. I mean, they are just tight lipped, they're not showing their cards. Of course. Well, I make mccown's not going to say no. Hey, I'll do you solid. I'll tell you. Tell one of your clients to what did he say to Stroud? What do you say to Stroud? No, I heard it was right. It was to Bryce, right? Is there something like that? Somebody said Mike caught something. I think it was to Stroud. He's like, you know, hey, when you come to Charlotte, is that what it was? I mean, look, here's the thing. Like, I'm sure Josh, Josh, is such a good dude, right? And he's just, you know, he's trying to like be cool, help the person feel comfortable. And he probably knows in his situation, right? Like he's not being the one that's going to make the pick. He's going to gather information. He's going to learn what he pound a table. He can pound a table, but if you've been in those situations, you know that like, I mean, I've heard of coaches pounding tables for guys, and that's not the guy that ends up getting picked because you have the upstairs guys, you have the downstairs football guys, you have everybody that's going in on it and you have the owner, right? And a lot of the times at the end of the day, the owner owns the team. The check scratcher has the last, I'm sure those picks when you're picking one and two, it's got to go through. Here's what we think. And they're going to turn over to the owner. And they're going to say, what do you want to do? 3D QB quarterback instructor, John Beck here, and the rich eisen show studio from the combine of the draft

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