Israel, Seoul, President Trump discussed on Total Information AM Saturday


An inch of ice accumulation on some services uh maybe about a tenth of inches sleet accumulation and we might have a brief changeover to snow early sunday morning so we could see addressing a snow during a joint news conference friday bob backer district maintenance engineer with mode odd says they'll have fully staffed crews out on the roads throughout the weekend both pre treating and trying to melt the ice that does accumulate police have found a human remains believed to be those of a missing afoul falun misery woman a ground search yesterday of an area near highway k and technology drive turned up to be remains believed to be those of kellie steinegger she's been missing since december six the st charles county medical examiner's office has scheduled an autopsy for today authorities do not believe that foul play was involved in stein eggers death a possible thawing of relations between north and south korea of south korea says that north korean leader kim jonghoon has invited south korean president moon jaein for a summit meeting in the north cbs's don kirk has more from seoul jim's younger sister kim jong extended the invitation to move through the letter stating group brothers desert ju improved northsouth relations the summit if it happens will be the third between leaders of north and south korea the first in nearly eleven years the israeli military shoots down an iranian drone that infiltrated the country early today and also struck iranian targets in syria that launched the drown more from correspondent robert burger israeli warplanes launched airstrikes inside syria after an iranian drone on infiltrated israel and was shot down the israeli army described it as a largescale attack against iranian targets in syria and israeli f sixteen was shot down and crashed inside israel in one of the most serious flareups since the syrian civil war erupted seven years ago robert burgers cbs news jerusalem well we've been talking about what kind of weather might be coming in will get you a check of the forecast from accu weather meteorologist brian thompson that's coming up this morning at five forty km lacks news time is 530 face the finals come celebrates one of the most iconic.

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