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Yeah, I mean, they have ended up in many places where friends and partners of the United States agreed assed part of a collective undertaking to fight Al Qaeda. To resettle detainees that had been detained by the United States. The country's really range from countries in the Gulf to countries in Europe countries in South America. The US seems to have acknowledged that some Guantanamo prisoners never belonged there in the first place. But others, like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed face strong evidence that they were involved in planning or financing the 9 11 attacks so they will probably spend the rest of their lives in prison somewhere. If they don't remain at Gitmo. Where do you think people like KSM should go and how should they be dealt with? Well? KSM currently faces the capital charge death penalty. The problem is that the military commission process has proven to be extraordinarily slow. In putting him and others on trial. That's probably understatement. I mean, it's been close to two decades, and there's been no trial. Yeah, that's exactly right, you know, And this frankly, is why we need to re evaluate where we are. With respect to Guantanamo. We have so far been unsuccessful in being able to prosecute individuals allegedly responsible for an attack that occurred almost 20 years ago. Do you actually expect? Get Mo to be totally out of operation? By the time Biden leaves office? I do. I think the president is committed to closing Guantanamo. You say you think Biden will do it? But again, Obama was unable to. So why would Biden be able to, particularly in this current political climate? Well, I'm hoping that the Congress will see the logic of closing down facility, which really is a relic of another era, which is harm the image of the United States in which is currently extraordinarily expensive to the U. S taxpayer. Given the available alternatives and will choose to repeal the law that prevents Guantanamo detainees from entering the United States, including for purposes of serving. Prison sentence here in one of our prisons that I think is the proper pathway to closing Guantanamo, and I think it's a pathway that the blood administration should welcome in and charge. That's legal Loski special envoy for Guantanamo under President Obama. Thank you for talking about this. Thank you. There was a lot of controversy about billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk getting to host Saturday night Live on NBC last night. And in his opening monologue, he made a surprising admission. I'm actually making history night as the first person with Asberger's to host SNL. At least the first to admit that statement was not entirely true. As it turns out to help us sort through that and the rest of musk SNL appearance. We're joined by NPR TV critic Eric Deggans. Hi, Eric. Hi, Eric..

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