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Austin bomber in twenty eighteen three national oceanic and atmospheric administration pilots are making history the trio of NO a pilot's became the first all female hurricane hunter flight crew captain Christie twining commander Rebecca wanting ten the lieutenant Lindsay Norman flew around hurricane Dorian for more than seven hours on Thursday gathering data on this storm the hurricanes been upgraded to a category three and is expected to be a category four storm when it reaches the Florida coast Recco show NBC news radio your next news update is at six thirty I'm Suzanne Duval news radio eight forty WHAS Kentucky on this breaking news weather and traffic station good evening I'm Jack box and welcome to the Tony into white show news and commentary from Haley Hanson along with executive producer Jim fair it's time for a radio show to be broadcast on eight forty WHAS good luck news radio eight forty W. H. A. S. with Tony enjoy Dwight show with Haley hands and it's just us two right now because you've we're only doing forty five minutes tonight before we headed off to Lou city FC they've got a home game which is part of an action packed weekend white perfect night issue ray and you're all talk about it so awesome they got loose city FC going on again you can hear it right here on news radio a forty WHAS the Kentucky game tomorrow you could hear on newsradio eight forty W. H. is the UL game Monday night Monday here on news radio eight forty WHAS pregame coverage starts at three o'clock so I am on day that's three football games get it she they call soccer if you're wrong yeah football weather yeah all right coming up in a couple of minutes we're gonna talk to fill so Rembrandt yeah this is bill Solman right till solum the railing right read say had a couple albums out.

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