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Now we know highly tipped this week we think the announcement will come that he'll be partnering Yuki tsunoda at AlphaTauri with a deal for gasly to go to Alpine. What were those in the initial rumors that swirled after his incredible performance? This is a situation where Williams wants him. You'd want to get a contract in front of him pretty quickly, give him a nice two year deal so that he's not casting his net about for a couple of years and there's that security as well. If Alpine makes the offer, you know, maybe he goes there but what are they going to offer are they going to offer a one year deal and then bring doing in for 2024? Are they going to make the same mistake with doing that they do with piastre, there's lots of different variables here. They haven't covered themselves in glory with the contract negotiations and whatever it was terms of heads or whatever that agreement was that wasn't signed on piastres. So Alpine aren't exactly I would say flavor of the month, perhaps with the driving community because they haven't treated drivers lately, perhaps best. Whilst the Williams was fast at Monza, is it fair to say that perhaps Alpine would be the quicker car? As a manager, you'd want to play both sides a little bit to get the best deal for your driver. Yes, you would. You'd be leaning on our pen a little bit, make sure that it's a two year deal that's well paid. And then you get Nick that drive. If it's a one year deal, you get on the Williams drive for more than that. That's the game I would play because it would suit me better that he was in a drive for a couple of years than just for one. And as time went on after the race, then the AlphaTauri conversation started with Pierre gasly being suggested as going to Alpine. Of course, a big French OEM already have a French man in ocon driving for them, could have gasly there as well. The ultimate French team. And then Red Bull and Christian Horner started playing the politics and of course that's what they're very good at and saying, well, we're not going to let him go without either some, you know, compensation and a half decent driver to put inside at AlphaTauri team and of course Nick de vries would be more than a half decent driver to put in that team alongside Yuki tsunoda next year. So we are just waiting for the announcement. We think this week we think at least before. Suzuka this weekend. That's all to come. That's also come, but we can't let you go without this brilliant fact of him scoring points on his debut. That whilst it's a very rare thing to do to score points on your F one debut. Not only has it been done plenty of times before, but it's actually becoming more common. Who are some of those names in the past that you can run through that have scored points on their first outing? Well, I can think of two names that did it at Williams, which de vries in very exalted company because Nico Rosberg did it in 2006 in Bahrain and he got the fastest lap, I believe in that race as well. That 2006 car wasn't particularly good, but it was very quick at Bahrain. And Jacques Villeneuve did it ten years before Nico Rosberg did it with second place at the Australian Grand Prix. The race is a formula E teammate stoffel van Doorn has done it. Deputizing for an injured Fernando Alonso at Bahrain in 2016 at McLaren got a point. Carlos Sanchez junior has done it. Melbourne 2015 and Max Verstappen would have scored in that race. Had he not had a failure. Some of it is a little bit variable. There is Kimi Räikkönen in 2001 who assumes 6th when Olivier panis was sent back to 7th place for passing under yellow flags and Sebastian Vettel's on it in 2007. Guano did it this year with Alfa Romeo Bahrain. Yuki tsunoda did it last year in 2021 with ALF tauri, which led Ross Braun's declare him the most exciting rookie that he'd seen in many, many years. I think trajectories dropped off a little bit since then. But there's so many names to have scored points in the debut, I believe Alain Prost has, Sebastian Bourdais, four time champ car winner, also scored points on his debut despite having a disappointing Formula One career. Lots of lots of names, some truly exalted company that de vries joins and maybe some lesser drivers as well. Locked in, but yeah, it's such a smorgasbord of recognized drivers from across, not just F one, but different disciplines who have come into F one, score points on their debut, maybe it works out for them long term, maybe it didn't, but it's a truly exciting list of drivers there. Absolutely. And especially those names pre 2010 when it was ten down to 8th or ten points out to one point rather from first to 8th in the early noughties and then the sort of 90s point structure. And you have to finish the top 6 to even score points. And that is so really, really impressive for those names you mentioned like an frost and others in there. Now, I was talking to our chief editor Kevin Turner. And he gave me a name that he says, I bet JBL doesn't mention this name and I think it's really unfair of him because this person didn't score points on their debut and yet they did score points on their debut. This person is a British racing driver that did a point scoring finish when they appeared in Formula One in 1984, but also didn't score points. Does any of that sound too cryptic to even have a stab at who Kev was talking about? Very, very cryptic. It's really unfair of him to raise this one because it's like in 84. Man, it's debut 84, British racing driver scored points on his debut, but also didn't score points on his debut. Let me give you the answer because I'm like, Kev, this is too unfair because this is like, it's just a gotcha. Martin Brundle came into Formula One with tyrrell in 1984. Of course. And finished 5th in his first race in Brazil, he also scored a second place in Detroit, but that year, tyrrell were later disqualified from the world championship because of a technical infringement and Martin Brundle would lose all of his points and therefore not officially according to the record books a point scorer on his debut even though he was, and I said, Kev, that is a mean one. Trip up JBL. But I don't know. It's pretty obscure. But I'm annoyed I didn't get that. I'm really annoyed. I had no idea. When he was telling me, I'm like, I would never get civilian years. But you guys are the experts. So there you go. Maybe next time you're in the paddock and you see Martin Brundle, and we're talking about points on debut. Maybe don't remind him of that because Formula One drivers are notoriously spiky when being reminded of bad things. But there we go. Thank you very much for joining us on the podcast today. JBL, we're really appreciate it as good fun one. Really fun podcast to do today. Thank you for listening and we'll catch you on the next one.

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