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It all shop shop shop. Let's get into the bachelorette. Everybody woo woo dance. party dance. Party shake their arteries arteries arteries. Were you want freestyle. So that ria we've got. We are two minutes into the episode from your two minutes of the episode and ria has fully on. her pants. Didn't think pink notice our unbuttoned and undertake. I'd like to give you some credit. Actually you came through arteries and that actually landed like. I think you're going to hit. You actually hit one. That was great. Thank you. I knew i had to hit something or else that would have been highly embarrassing. Let me just get something on. The record here ran. And i and kelly eggs we went to a dinner before the bachelorette tonight and we have had a few drinks and by we i mean i. I had a few more drinks than the other two. Just one just one one that. Put me over the one that done me right freestyle on this. The one that took you into over. Serb territory territory for sure over served at i was over served absolutely any by myself. The i over shirts myself because those drinks are legit addicted wondering i'm obsessed with it anyways. Not the point here. The point is i'm a little drunk and that's what we need to get on the record. How about you fran. How are you feeling. I'm feeling good. I'm not gonna lie. Kept drinking during the show. Yes we had our owens mixers you recreated the drink that we had dinner with our owens mixers in the office so good like a blood orange. Margarita phenomenal phenomenal with. The owens mixers. Margarita mix so good. Yummy drain langley. Was blood yada already. Yes and you. And i cut my finger. Look at this episode in.

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