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Yeah. I did this once haven't done a while because I haven't had any leftovers, but you take a noodles and you take out Prado sauce, and is he put some garlic salt and pepper. Cook you're acting like it says on the package. XM four cups of Turkey the oven. The oven at three fifty for thirty minutes. Take it out but your bowl put some parmesan cheese on it. You have you some Turkey out Prado that sounds delicious chriswell you listening. He doesn't have this headphone sign that sounds really good because I the couple months ago, I made a whole bunch of shrimp Alfredo. So with the F noodles so that. Instead of beef stroganoff it's Turkey Alfredo with Ed noodles. Yep. Very good. All right. Well, we'll put you in the hat. Win. Turkey's dragging off basically without Prego sauce and garlic. This pretty amazing. That sounds delicious. Check that out the pieces of Turkey, four pieces now talks Turkey. Do you have any leftover now? No, I don't. Okay. Sounds good something like I I could try and I have eight noodles at home. You know, what I think we have a winner right now. I think that that is the first, and I think I think, but I don't know yet. So the plate you, wait. What are we doing Eugene? Yes, we'll tell you the show if you want, but I ask my question. So this won't put it down. And if you do win, which I think you're gonna win. The question is do you want the computer the dot or do you want the olive garden? Guard down. Him and him and his girl was already having troubles already before leave start at the phone call. He kept quiet down as she kept talking. Oh, his girl. Bigger. We'll let you know. Most. Like, he's go ahead. All right. Thank you. Listening. Sorry. So deformed lines are blowing up. Let's go up to North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina. Our good friend. Kevin Kevin how you doing? Carolina. Michael Lynn, thanks. Giving was worried about you. We were worried about you. Did you don't do anything but sleeping make soup while there you guys? That's. Oh, I got a recipe. Oh, good. I popular when I was up there in New England everyone. You take the leftovers stopping cold, y'all know Aurore red or something. Cream sauce on the Turkey some lettuce? And there you go. That's a Pennsylvania thing sounds good. Not that was up in New England New England. What if one of the New England air northeast have a cold Kevin Kennon, which olive quite if you win you went to olive garden or you want echo echoed. Google question. Tough decision. Oh god. Okay. Okay. Olive garden. Well, thanks for listening. We'll let you know the very soon. Josh she's gonna this real tough. Okay. Well. Might have one more because we got another caller from West Palm Beach into hell, Kevin. Thank you so much. Kevin. Thank you. Kevin. I care. All right. So let's go over to Palm Beach county West Palm Beach and visit offering Nicole, Nicole how you doing Nicole. Hi, nicole. Happy bap yearly anniversary guys. Thank you. And belated thanksgiving. We'll be down there next week doing the show live from. Yeah. West Palm Beach. Yeah. I know I don't know might Saturdays up in the air because I gotta talk to Larry about something because you wanted me to perform something that is sure at this particular church. I've been. In jupiter. And I said, yeah, I would love to. But my moms think of you don't think she'll do and then not too far from up in hotel. It sound Larry says he's going to have a for those that want to go up and cheat the singing Christmas tree. Oh, wow. Now, where's that? And lantana. But in Lantana, I remember they used to have all the Christmas. Hope sounds in Martin county. Oh, yeah. Palm tree. So he is getting a charter buds for those that want to go twenty dollars. That's part of the bus trip. Up there, and it's like five o'clock there partying. The braille crap. And they'll return like around. Will pass palm TRAN time about nine thirty ten o'clock at night. Somewhere around there. So he set it on the blast. And then that morning he said that they're going to have a yard. So I'm breakfast. And I'm thinking. Okay. Nicole weeks ago? For what? No, no, no. Call and tell you guys. Yeah. You have a nice anniversary. Thank you. Thank you so much on my thanks, Mike. Thanksgiving was great. I went to our real good friends up in Jupiter and played the piano, and really they loved it. I didn't ask you something. I emailed you guys about a year ago. Did you get my little giddy? I sent you guys have beautiful. I did a version unchained melody. Could've call my. Like, all my friends and broke gave me work Evans, gave me a new the new Email for you. And I. Yeah. Michael at blinded beyond radio show. We'll we gotta go, Nicole. Thank you for calling. Thank you. Thank you. I think he has another caller right now. The last time. Well, we'll do it fast. All right. Let's get to many okay doing this a fast one every should know song..

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