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And trivia and this year we're very excited for a theme for calling it Muggle may have been in love in me that's so cute so everybody can come dressed as their favorites character salute and we actually give prizes for best costume for every boss session and people definitely take this very yes I can imagine I gotta find my Harry potter costume than I was at the outlets up north on Sunday and I almost bought a new pair of vans because they were Harry potter ma'am okay so I might go back to that store in final example in them at least walk you know we'll get one action shot of you in the issue is and then you can switch over terrible yes you know there was a whole team that did that last year we had a Star Wars themed and they came like in their Sirius Blake Blake cross for later yeah reality and made their pictures and they went and changed their like casual bullets yeah yeah oh my gosh I know this is kinda went to everybody know what day again where they can get more information on this salute least I would say definitely got our website so so easy bakes dot org right on that landing page you can click the very obvious logo that shows some of our matches the took a photo shoot in costume right for Muggle ma'am both dates are in March really right now is the time to sign up yeah you can go through that platform it's very easy to go through and sign up you can actually pick the house that you want to be you know a part of to get your team with and if you sign up in January captain a team right you start this process then we will give you your house of choice a captain sure whom you go to the website you can view those different choices what those shirts look like we just want people to be excited right this it's not about how good of a bowler you are right I thought about pulling it's about helping kids in the about talking about the mission and be excited raising some money which is not too hard all about fun and the kids exactly now before you guys go let's circle back around to the big event on Friday January thirty first the power of mentoring Veronica went to let us know where we can get tickets more information all of that at least so super excited January's national mentoring month and actually the.

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