What's the Best Camera for YouTube Influencers?


So i've been talking about my daughter who's in journalism needs a camera. She's also going to be a youtuber influence. Or you know that that space So we've been talking. We've been looking at both. The sony a sixty one hundred a and the cannon m fifty. I think too bright is on she. He says a brody says i have an ace seventy seven in love the camera. You can get an adapter from sony. That will let you will. That will let the mirror less cameras. Use the regular mirror camera. Lenses sony calls them amount the molten molten. No i can i say that animal to thank you minolta. I wanted to say something else. lands would work as well. I use those lenses in the old film days. Just keep in mind that the film lenses are full frame and have to worry about that in the new orleans or a aps see size So getting the murless with the adapter and getting the aim out lenses means she can upgrade on it to a regular deals are already have the lenses down the road not to bob. I'm not too worried about lenses. One hundred percent honest. I'm kind of thinking about the camera. Body i in his. I look at the a sixty one hundred versus the cannon m fifty this camera stabilization seems to be an issue between the two and then y- how that viewfinder is seems to be the other big issue. So if i put that in front of you gimme gimme some advice on. So sony just released a A newark is. She is mainly video or is it both both. Yeah she's going to do a lot of video lot of lot of blogging. I would say if she is more towards the video. Sony released a camera. It's their zeevi. Dash eight ten. Which based off the same camera. Sort of almost the same camera that i have which is surprising right here. This looks really big. But it. 'cause i have a cage and i have this massive lens on it but it's actually really all. I'm going to go full screen. Bob hold up to the it's impressive. Hold that to the camera there so that looks good but this is just big because i have you can see the cage that goes around it and what do you what. What's the cage. Get forty so it allows me to attach different things. I have an extra hostile. Sorry i have an extra hot shoe up top here on the bottom. I have a artists mounts. Snap it into stuff. It protects it so because this is this is all aluminum so if i drop it it's going to protect it so a cage. I have never heard of cage before so cage a good good thing to you. If if your camera is like so i would. I take this on trips. And i like climb waterfalls and like throw this thing around so i wanted something that would protect it And that kind of. That's why. That's why i got it But if you're just like using the camera in an office setting or studio setting you don't necessarily need the cage but if you're attaching a bunch of stuff to it you it gives you a lot more

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