President Trump discussed on Jay Sekulow


Is we saw yesterday in the rose garden the president making that announcement clear to the American people that the fifteen day guidelines which is coming up about to expire has been extended throughout the month of April so at least until the end of April so that that means you get another month of the fifteen guidelines basically the stay at home guidelines that you've heard from the CDC and that the White House has been talking about is the social distancing guidelines the limiting work living restaurant openings hotel closures group gatherings of more than a tad more than ten people I so again that will be extended through April the president was also asked about the idea of will he still be considering looking at certain areas for re opening and said no that as of right now for this next month yeah we keep this these numbers where they are we can't start picking and choosing where can read it where can reopen where can't reopen because we're seeing pockets of places that where are the virus will kind of explode if you will and overnight forty or fifty people be diagnosed with it even though there was a state that didn't have an issue with it no one of the interesting things also Jordan has some locales and I think this is just being smart are saying from you know people that may have a of a summer home someplace or we're going to particular place for vacation so if you go to like North Carolina which is very popular if you're from New York or Florida or from the southeast the actual area these areas of of North Carolina some even if you own property there what they're saying is if you come into once you come into the county register and self quarantine for fourteen days which includes not being able to go to the grocery stores means you have to have an a a neighbor help you get the groceries but self warranty and this sounds extreme with the idea there is to keep this number down and keep the spreading down I want courage people because I think some people really most Americans really are understand we're not dealing with an invisible enemy and that they are social distancing but I will tell you I saw something last night with some like grandkids and we're just driving in our area where media centers and I saw these you know twenty somethings congregating in particular in the must win thirty or forty of them there was not only no social decisions like nothing's happening yeah and the problem is they're exposing people that are let's say you know mature my age where the risk factors you know substantially increase when you have the sauce let's listen to what the CDC say let's listen what Dr Blix Dr but you're saying and that the president's putting forward I think moving this to April as a lead at least till April the end of April is a smart move now it it brings up an interesting issue and that is the Supreme Court term the last argument our case is that three cases that I have at the Supreme Court for the president of all been right now postponed but there was an April calendar thought was maybe the lan to the April calendar well with this in place then we cancel.

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