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Hey Listeners Walt Disney world resort is the perfect escape and now as an adult you can experience it in an entirely new way come share joy through the world as the experience must see new magic and beloved traditions of the holidays throughout all four theme parks and Disney Springs. Plus for the first time ever discover a whole new land or a galaxy far far away unfolds. All around you at star wars galaxies edge at Disney's Hollywood studios. Finally you won't want to miss the Epcot. International Festival of the Arts January seventeenth through February twenty fourth twenty twenty relive the nostalgia of Disney or create some new memories. Now's the time to find your happy place. At Walt Disney world resort visit disneyworld dot com slash adults for more available now from Iheart a new series presented by t mobile for business. The restless ones. Join Me Jonathan Strickland. As I explore the coming technological revolution with the restless business leaders who stand right on the cutting edge. They know there is a better way to get things done and they are ready. Curious excited for the next technological innovation to unlock their vision of the future in each episode will learn more from the restless ones themselves and dive deep into how the five G. Revolution could enable their teams to thrive. The restless ones is now available on the iheartradio APP. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Welcome to before breakfast. A production of iheartradio. Good Morning. This is Laura. Welcome to the before breakfast podcast. Today's tip is to make your expectations and needs explicit in other words. Don't just drop hints. We've all found ourselves disappointed because someone didn't live up to our expectations only to realize later that the other person had not actually understood or expectations or realized that we needed help. Whether it's assuming that your team member will let you know in advance if he's not gonNA meet an important deadline or that. Your partner will send flowers on your anniversary. We're taking a risk if strongly-held expectations for someone's behavior but don't let the person know about them. Other people simply cannot read our minds and we waste all kinds of time behaving as though they can and then recovering from the disappointment or dropped balls when it turns out. They can't the only solution to this is to stop dropping hints. When you want something everyone is better off. If you just say it well easier said than done. Of course. Sometimes people feel awkward asking for help or stating their hopes expectations directly. Does it sound pushy? Is it insulting to suggest? Someone wouldn't know that you like meetings to start on time or that you expect. The person who finishes the paper Towel Roll will replace it but if we beat around the Bush drop hints other people. May Misunderstand what we mean and the results may not be what we intend so here are some ways to raise issues directly think clear collaborative congenial that means using direct language. Assuming that you and the other person are mutually focused on good outcomes and keep the tone positive and friendly. For instance on deadlines you could say and counting on being able to review your report. Monday afternoon. That's the time I've carved out to work on this because I'm attending a conference later in the week if you foresee a problem getting their report to me by lunchtime on Monday. Please let me know in advance or for household expectations. I would really appreciate it if you change the sheets and took out the trash the last day your house sitting because we'll be getting home late. Would that be doable? Or when you're asking for affection and support from family and friends next Tuesday is my birthday. I'd love to celebrate it with you. I was thinking small group of us would have lunch at the Sushi place near my office. But I'm open to other suggestions. The general approach should be to share the hope expectation or need. And then invite the other person to give a thumbs up or way in that way. You're not assuming anything instead. You're sharing your expectations in a way. That gives the other person the chance to confirm that. These expectations are shared or to suggest a different plan. That's not pushy instead. This approach greatly increases. The chances that your needs are met. It's hard to see the downside in that so today. If you find yourself how that someone will do something why not stop and ask the person directly save the mind reading carnivals and everyone will be better off in the meantime this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's to making the most of our time. Hey everybody I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on twitter facebook and Instagram. At before breakfast pop. That's b. e. The number four then breakfast p o d you can also shoot me an email at before breakfast podcasts. At IHEARTMEDIA DOT COM. That before breakfast is spelled out with all the letters. Thanks so much. Look forward to staying in touch before. Breakfast is a production of iheartradio for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows hey listeners. Look sometimes along then. Yoga class isn't in the cards. So maybe a cookie. It's pepperidge farm. Milano believes you should make some time for yourself once in a while. I like to go hide in my Home Office with the snack occasionally and while people find me eventually at least it's good for a few minutes. Milano kitchen are truly a treat. Worthy of your meantime they're delicate and crispy with luxuriously rich chocolate in the middle. You really want to keep these just for you. Everyone else can go get their own stack so remember to save something for yourself with Pepperidge Farm Milano. Hey It's Laura Wasser host of the all's fair podcast on iheartradio. I'm a family law attorney. Which is really a euphemism for a divorce attorney. And I've been practicing for over twenty years. I've learned some very interesting things along the way and I can tell you that when dealing with matters of the heart rule seldom apply with advice anecdotes for many of my friends. Some of whom may be celebrities as well as the best legal financial and mental health professionals. In the country our goal is to educate enlighten empower and entertain you on the way to a better understanding of how relationships work. Iheartradio is number one for podcasts. But don't take our word for it find all's fair with Laura Wasser heart radio APP or wherever you get your podcasts..

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