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Station to the nearby tesla plant and other companies guard riders and residents we talked to hope it helps alleviate the parking crunch because sometime this fall in the daytime I know it's fucking is very hot now because of bad week before is very easy now it's too hot. We live also here. So he may be using it. Yeah. Yes. These residents and Bart riders. Welcome anything that encourages people to leave their cars at home. The bridge has long been beset by delays and cost overruns. The twenty five million dollar project is now under construction and is expected to be completed by twenty twenty in Fremont. Betsy Gephardt KCBS tesla driver walked away from a fiery crash this morning after running into a tree and Fremont. Police believe that fatigue could have been a factor in the crash on southbound per se, oh Padre Parkway at fort navigator. The driver suffered only minor injuries to San Francisco. Residents are asking the board of supervisors to put some mufflers on the annual outside lands festival. KCBS is Bob Butler reports they say the music has gotten so loud. They can hear it several miles away from Golden Gate park extension of the outside last pervert until twenty thirty one past aboard committee last week. But it does not require a study of noise. Attorney Richard various says they were more than two hundred. Always complaints during the two thousand eighteen three day summer festival. We're hoping that the board of supervisors will impose reasonable new miracle noise. Restrictions that allow this festival to proceed, but just have reasonable noise level similar to the ones that have recently been imposed at Sharon meadow. Where they have to now and zen festival and some other music festival in the neighborhoods near the park Erica wisdom, youth has few complaints. I don't love the concert. I think.

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