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Rep gets will get better for fifty banging table for fourth and positive. Someone who's played position extensively, Dan bang the table for really anything. I mean, we get. I mean. To quote Malcolm Jenkins, we're all we're all eight, we're, we're confident that we can cover anything with the guys that we have in the room. Are you doing on pay as a secret or she's still going to work in as we cross train guys so much and and that's been such a big part of our success. You know, Malcolm place, linebacker positions, place, nickel place, both safety spots, Corey, Graham plays all over the place and you can see him all over. And I think that's been big part of our success. Oh, guys that can cross chain are important to us, gives us a little bit of flexibility. He can cover wide receivers. You know, he's got great range. Really? Good is football. I think you see that on the interception he's just clue in the quarterback the whole way there. You know, there's, there's been some very successful safeties in the NFL that have that skill set this a little bit different than you know, some of the some of the bigger guys that have played position doesn't mean you can't be affected Donut on that Douglas, get cross, train safety corner. What does he need to do? Get more snaps. Yeah, you know he, he does get cross trained the little bit. He's mainly outside corner. We think that best fits his skill set. And he's always ready, no matter what the situation. I think we saw that in the opener had to come in for just a couple of plays and he may play. So did force last year, we have confidence that if he's called on he'll do the same thing force this year. When you look in general cross the league, you look at all the exotic pre snap motion out. Is that make it difficult for the fence. You talking about like jet motions, like the fly motions and the jet motions. It just makes things happen so much quicker. Emotions been a part of the game forever and guys always have to work cross pa- generally, there wasn't a lot of, I mean, the guy was motion and sort of running about half speed we're seeing. Now we're seeing motions and it's not exactly new. It's spin around for a while, but you're seeing motions that are full speed. I mean, guys look like to combine trying to run and it just it just makes your communication at your -ticipant in your communication have to be seamless, and you have to be, you have to match the speed physically and you'll have to match speed mentally. So to speak scheme lies. Guys give more than twenty again. What do you think the trend continues where you're playing better offensively at home than on the road? Now, it's just built into the NFL. We need to play better on the road. I mean, obviously play games on the road and we can't be eight. It went in our home games and losing all our road games. So you know. But like I said, last week, the biggest differences home crowd, everything else is the same. We're striving for consistency as a team to into. We've had ups and downs, and I mean, I thought the players, you know, I'm not real wild about revealing conversations, but but this is a little bit more generic. You can look at our team and say, we're one win. We're one play and maybe maybe I point to a dozen plays from the titans game. We're one play way from being three one Rosso plays away from being over four. So we need to face that. And you know, we're sort. Right in the middle of that into into, but Julio Jones makes a catch or Andrew luck escapes out of a sack and find somebody in the end zone. You know, also we can be looking at a completely different thing. So I think whether it's home, whether it's road we need to play more consistent as a team and particularly defense. What do you think? Okay, the same same thing, new quarterback. Obviously, a lot of the same skill guys getting Dalvand coke back as in big form. They haven't been able to run the ball. Because they've been behind in some games and minutes of else in another. They put a bunch of points on the board last week, but bunch ports on board to guest Packers. I think coming into season, everybody expected San Fran, the strong contender. They dispatched them in the opener..

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