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Right and i'm like why would she have to breathe new firsthalf home i had to prove myself but after that there were no songs that i heard that took from someone usually write the songs from me we write the songs together and i got to sing them i was huge why why did it blow up i think because it was a unique sounding artist i remember elton john l l johnson i love you new artists tony's voices great is in dry janice elliott i will tell her goll is her does she think yes is this she girl i never confused you voca sonically for a guy who people didn't know here the name toni braxton sure is very masculine name sure sir think you know if you didn't see the artists you just heard the voice he may have thought like typing campbell had higher voice true yeah tevin i think there might have been one record that i was like sounds like a woman to me so then in drage voice especially on the song like let it flow or it was it was very low do you remember let if flow hello that song i did i myself and i'm like damn you like the sound of your voice i had to learn to love when did that happen maybe early twenties so when you were a teenager and you're sounding husky did it and make you feel different less female they would tell me voices so low and when i was trying to be a single boise's a background singer voices linda yourself to be elites did it make you feel bad.

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