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And I often say, Andre, this is this is my perspective. And maybe it Z my snow globe but the economy Rests on the education system because of Children are home. Parents can't work or they're paying extra to have their their Children put into different situations. S O Right. Cincinnati public another school district's moving towards a ah model of in school and eventually fully in school. Hopefully, we'll be able Tomo make A positive inroads in the sad situation. And lastly, there was some superintendents I save the text said to me how come Cincinnati public schools have a teacher's getting vaccinated? Going on now as we speak, But my teachers in my school district have fought through this thing since the end of August. We've not closed down. We've not gonna hybrid models and we're not prioritized because we're a suburban district. That is open. I had the governor on yesterday and he talked about you can't get the shots unless you agree to open. You Gotta open your schools. And so there's one superintendent said to me, we've been open for the last four or five months. We've fought through it. We've had to fill a lot of gaps in the teaching model. Wait. We have the get donations from from noted citizens in our community toe extra cost of the shielding that we have in place. We've changed the lunchroom. We've changed all this stuff. My teachers are not prioritized and we fought through it and CPS gave up to use his term. And now they get priority over us. How would you respond to that Superintendent Well, and I I also have a daughter with asthma. In a suburban district teaching five days a week. Who told me this morning, I get it, but I want one too. Okay, So, uh, we're honored and excited that we're leading the way and it wasn't You know, we're not in a position to weigh in when other districts get the vaccine, but I know one thing that weighed heavily in this. Is that we had the infrastructure in place. You know, we have the partnerships with Children's and the health department. We have nurses and every school we have over 32 health clinics and all of our schools. On and we were. We were in a position and ready to go. We also just received a grant for rapid tests for teachers and all of our schools s O You know, we're honored that you know, Governor DeWine gave us the the That scenes are a lot of the vaccines to our health department for our teachers, But hopefully we can follow up and make this a huge success. So that all these other districts quickly get this in place using our model. You know, it's not your fault. I mean, but some of the suburban district say what we did. We fought through it, and now we're being punished. But you bring up a great point that the school is not just educational center. It is the medical center. You have clinic set up and most of the schools in which nurses air physically present it's also restaurants. You take on the responsibility of feeding Children when I think the parents had to be responsible to feed their own Children and not put it on the backs of the taxpayer, and but nonetheless, the system we have now today, I don't blame a seven year old for not being fed, so therefore you have to feed him. It's a restaurant and medical care is not always provided. Well, so therefore the school becomes AH hospital or an emergency clinic. And that also is the education center and for psychological. Another medical services is the public school system, which is what it wasn't intended to be, but it's what it's become. When Melanie Bates, good luck to you, and I guess it starts today, and I'm I'm sorry on Mondays when school starts and unless we have some new variant, a new strain coming down the pike, God knows what's gonna happen next. That you pretend to be open. And you may extend into June and July, But Melanie Bates, Good luck to you. And thank you for coming on the Bill Cunningham show. Thank you. Well, thank you for having me Melanie Bates. Thank you very much. I let's continue with more. She's the leader down there because she's been there for 20. Some years when you think about the traditional role. Of our school. It's not a restaurant. It's up to Mom and dad to pack the lunch, you know and then, But now it's become the restaurant and as far as medical care, I used to go to Dr Elmore Sluiter, and now there's all these tax payer funded clinics in this goal. So, she said, When you look at an easy system to put needles in arms, CPS his position to do that, when other districts or not, I think the kids of Beachwood are probably not thinking about well. I got to go to school to have a meal. The parents take responsibility for that. So let's see. Let's get your reaction. The squeaky wheel gets the grease the line becomes available. 513749 7000 bill cutting him the Great American Live. It's room of the Reds news radio 700 wlw. The following is a test.

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