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Happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Good evening. Nine. Joe Michael's coronavirus restrictions are being eased in YOLO County this week as it joins four other is in moving from the red Re opening tear to the less restrictive orange tear. The biggest difference is the more people will be allowed inside businesses and more entertainment venues are allowed to reopen Sacramento River Cats general manager Chip Maxon says the change will allow 400 more people into the stands. It's Sutter Health, part working farm. Our general mission, Our grasp, ERM area If we could turn that into assigned seating areas similar to the seating bold, So if we can do that, that'll be great in the orange here, and we can pick up about 400 more more seats, which would put us just over 3000 per game That year. Change takes effect tomorrow. A new legislative bill could make California the first state in the nation to require micro stamping technology in law enforcement handguns. Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel introducing the measure today, So what this bill would do is it would require purchases by law enforcement of new handguns to include micro stamping technology and what we think that do is that's going to create a market that's going to encourage these gun manufacturers to introduce new models that have micro stamping technologies, micro stamping technology imprints unique markings on the guns and discharged a bullet case. Thinks allowing law enforcement to connect fired casings to a particular firearm. Was a California connection to Monday's tragic shooting in Colorado Gift because my glory explains the California daughter of a man killed in the mass shooting incident in Colorado is calling her dad. Her hero. Erica Mahoney, news director for a radio station in Pacific Grove, California, confirmed her father, Kevin Mahoney, was one of the victims and said she is heartbroken in a Twitter post. Mahoney says she's thankful her 61 year old dad could walk her down the aisle last summer on her wedding day. She also revealed her dad would have been a grandfather soon as she is expecting a baby girl later this year. Honey also thank the police in her hometown of Boulder for the kindness they have shown in dealing with a terrible tragedy. No motive has been established yet in Monday's shooting that killed 10 people, including Boulder Police Officer Mike Lory News 93.1 KFBK Our next update in 30 minutes. I'm Joe Michael's News 93.1 kfbk now sacramental traffic..

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