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The wayne casey in toronto with one of the most fabulous coaches in the league and of course nate mcmillan in indiana everybody else might be gone tyron lou might be gone doc rivers might be gone jb bickerstaff might be gone i mean what the hell is going on here you got numbers crunchers an analytics dudes who are friends were other analytics dudes evidently nun who happen to be black basically evading the nba buying gratiot themselves with owners who understand numbers better than a understand the gay and are more than willing to give those folks and opportunity that they're not going to court to other people there was something more going on here and i'm gonna tell you what's wrong with a hell of all of these black players speaking up about this issue with the support we want to speak against the president we want to speak about social issues we want to come to the add to the to the defence of things that may have nothing to do with us we wanna use on twitter facebook and instagram accounts but when it comes to the issue of black coaches and the challenges that they face in a league just over seventy percent black we haven't heard of day at work from these players and i'm not count lebrun and d way speaking of a fifth deal because there was an assistant coach a miami that's one of their boys and i appreciate their support but that to support from the pena gallery day you notice a man and you giving them love talking about the issue of the dissipating number of african american coaches then our support of basketball this date the national hockey league or major league baseball basketball.

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