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Well. I you know i think to me after parties. Lose lose elections. They i like the idea of doing autopsies and then well for republicans. I mean yeah no. They wrote actually very goodwin two thousand thirteen. They're just ignored ninety five percent of it all but a piece of the digital part but but to me i mean even looking on the democratic side. I think democrats after two thousand sixteen should have done an autopsy topsy. It was so convenient to blame hillary clinton or blame. The russians hacked looking in the mirror insane. Okay but what did we do do. How did you get to a point where the country decided trump was worth the risk right. That's the question the democrats haven't answered and things like for example president clinton embraced free trade and celebrated it and embraced it and promoted it and the thing his trade and i do consider myself free-trader but the thing is free trade their winners and losers and there was nothing there was very little done to mitigate the damage to the loser and the same thing with president obama in the environment. You know if you're it's the right thing to do. But are you going to mitigate the damage. <hes> you know if you're gonna throw coal miners out of work. You know what you can't expect them to start writing computer code overnight <hes>. What are you going to do and democrats didn't do that. Introspection blaming hillary blaming the russians was too easy charlie cook man almanac of american politics. You wrote the essay the opening essay yeah. Let's about twenty twenty five pages. I guess i mean that's a heavy burden. Well yeah. I mean you're speaking for all of us. Dude don't do that. Don't lay that on come on man but i always say this. You know you read them. All you know one of the things michael again i sit here and michael brune would get hammered toward the end of his time at the almanac but boy a he always took that essay out of always took his politics out of that essay yeah he so that essay has always stayed. I think so true immuno. You know i look at him. Read them all read all those introductions speaking of another book. I'd like another collection. I'd love to see together talk about an history of american politics you know for everybody. That's it's covered political journalism you and tim russert. I mean it's like you. Hey this really can't happen it. You could get you got to do this charlie charlie. You got your a made man when you and i first met. I'm gonna say you were nothing but thin man. Come on watch. It is exciting. Siding can happen to good people if they work hard and i was just gonna say you're a made man. That's all i'm going to say and by the way we love to cohen. That's a mafia can can. I just tell you about rich cohen. It doesn't rich cohen has been a tireless. This guy kept the almanac together when authors were fighting with each other and all of this stuff rich cohen cares about this book more than anybody's ego including his own rich. Cohen is a colleague of mine and national journal. I know he's a colleague. He doesn't do his own promotion very well and he deserves more promoted and the funny thing is i referred referred. I referred to him as tom brady of of the almanac and the thing is which is appropriate because he's from massachusetts <hes> but but the thing is he he's just going yeah yeah any any any tireless about it yeah a great. I started reading him within three or four years ago in the early the eighties when he went to the national journal i i see that we're not saying boo. We're seeing liu a lot of loose in here. Le shout out to my buddies. Lou jacobson and lou peck yeah. It's a it's a it's tasers team that did an enormous amount of work and <hes> you know anybody's driving cross country grabbed the book i go i still i'm still on the tagline blinds. I appreciate that thank you well. Look you say by three. I've always only recommended by two bernardus but a vacation so what you're saying is by three yeah and the thing is anything. That's serious that you series that you need to read. You know what i need it in a dead tree form. I'm sorry you're not wrong. You're not wrong by that <hes> but i'm sure they'll we'll be digital ways to get it all as well. Oh there is thank you charlie. Thank you chuck. You've been listening to the chuck todd casper meet the press. Today's episode was produced by matt matt rivera justice green. John reece's our executive producer. Steven ties the head of podcast for n._b._c. news our theme music composed by spoke media. You can catch meet the press daily on m._s._n._b._c..

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