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So we all got together. We went out and mature favorite mexican restaurant in ann arbor. We're all talking like we could pick the perfect person to join arboretum. Who would it be and we're all like tom. She had listened so i called. Tom was rounding. It was a friday. And i'm like he. I have like a crazy idea. But i really want to ask you. And he's like oh my god and he was literally going to become. Ceo of this big private specialty practice shortly like within months. And he's like let me think about. I'll get back to you. And he was like sure enough. He wants to change healthcare. I think that's one thing at arboretum. The passion about healthcare is is palpable. So he came with zero knowledge about venture. He came in as a principal to are fine. He didn't even come in as a partner and he said i'm gonna look at this fellowship. I'm gonna learn everything i can about how to do. Cap tables do term sheets. He's really grated evaluating new technologies. Obviously you didn't know any of the strategic corporations that would by the companies. We had to introduce them to all of that but what. Tom has done phenomenally. Well is built his own deal flow and any deal in. The united states comes to tom shehab because he knows g i so well. He knows all the physicians and the other thing. He's really passionate about his women's health. Which is really great. So all these women's at his first exit two years after becoming managing partner was a women's health company for ovarian cancer young woman. Ceo to just knocked it out of the park. Boston scientific bodies so. Tom has just been fantastic. And then we've just recently brought in nicole walker and nicole is a traditional medical device investor. Who was with baird ventures before this and then abbot inches before that. And she's fantastic. She comes out of the guidon family honestly rise. The big thing for us is do. We fit culturally with each other. Do we have the same values we feel. We can teach anybody how to do. Venture how evaluate companies. How we help the board level we can teach all of those things we make sure their cultural fit from a personality standpoint and a work ethic. I think that that's so critically important. Because one of the things that resonates is exactly that we go to the annual meetings and i'm interacting with various arboretum staff. People i feel that. And i don't feel that with every gp or meeting. I go to. I would just simply say when it truly is a family. You can feel it when there is that internal consistency about values. You feel it. And.

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