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Harrison, ask him if he wants to do a beep test against medium. It's rod my lord have I been looking forward to this one. Welcoming back a gent whom I adore add a phenomenal moment of transition in his career. Remember that listeners when we last spoke, he just won the German cup, the pokal with RB Leipzig, since then, on July 7th, 2022, a date, which may soon become an annual holiday back in whopping as fool's New York. The pride of duchess county made a dream move to the Premier League to join that tradition so club Lee, you know he did. It is a joy to be with him today. At a time when the World Cup is just a 105 days away, we will live the twists and turns of his ongoing oddity. On this show, Tyler Adams rude to the cup presented by Volkswagen, God bless you VW brands do more for U.S. football and it's a joy to welcome back. Or as they say in Yorkshire, a up. It's mister Tyler Adams. Rod. Thanks for having me, man. Excited to be back. Not much happened since we last spoke then Tyler. No, not much, not much. Now I got a few things to tell you. Oh my God, we are putting two days after you made your Premier League debut. I want to wind the clock back, take us to this move to lead united back in July for $24 million. How did you first hear about it? And how did it feel in that moment? We had talks in the summer discussing about the possible move with leads being my favorite club to go to. I remember flying back to Leipzig for preseason. I was starting the medical process. And I remember getting a call from my agent and he said, stop doing all the preseason checkouts you're done. The deal is done. The CEO of Leipzig wool called the medical staff soon and Leipzig and let them know it hit me pretty hard. A club that I shared a lot of amazing moments with one that helped me develop so much. Friendships and staff members that I created real relationships with outside of just the football that we all enjoyed. It didn't hit me until that moment that I hung up the phone that I was going to be leaving and moving on to a new step in my journey, one that I felt like I needed to make challenge myself and prove myself as a person and a player. First, I want to talk to you about leads the city, a place I know incredibly well. I went to university there. I actually had to do fleeting stint as the leads mascot, the leads Lion, and I know that is a singular proud west Yorkshire city. One of the world's great mill towns, can you describe your first impressions of the place? The city for me is absolutely electric. You know, when I arrived, the weather was good, and you know, when I pulled up to the hotel, I was amazed by how many people were out and about all different types of people diverse city. You see the university and how beautiful that is. And the energy you can immediately feel is amazing. I mean, it's the birthplace of such iconic figures as Peter O'Toole and scary spice. I can't know how you're dealing with the accent. Oh no, the accent's easy. It's much easier than your accent, actually. That's such an incredible put down, but it is true. I mean, my mother can't understand me. She said I speak as if my jaws are wired together, but it's got a distinct accent. There's a lot of gutter or clutter. There's a lot of drop consonants. It's a lot of like, I'm off to shop. It's like very concise. Yes, yes, it's exactly that. Now, the first few days take some getting used to. It's better than listening to German. That's for sure. Don't you stop Brad all this without accidentally Tyler. Hold on to what you got because you may be in Yorkshire, but there is a strong sense of home over there, as we all know, first of all, you are, at least united, reconnecting for a third time in your career already with Jesse marsh, a manager. You're so bloody familiar with the first coach you when you were 15, he gave you your debut at New York Red Bulls as a 16 year old. He was your coach and Leipzig at the start of last season. When the recruitment by Leeds happened, did you and Jesse get on the phone and just laugh? Here we go again. We're doing this. Jesse played such a pivotal role in the beginning of my career as he's continuing to do now. He's taught me so many different things about myself about the game, helping mature as a person, you know, when I first met him, I was 14 years old and now I'm 23 years old. So we've had a lot of successful moments, some tough ones as well. But we did get on the phone before I made the decision to come here. And we had some tough conversations just about what he needs for me, what role he needs me to play, what I need to bring to this team and how I can change the dynamic of what leads wants to do moving forward. Yeah, I'm fascinated by your relationship with Jessica because I remember talking to you for the first time when you were 17 and you talked about how Jesse had taken you aside and essentially almost explained how your career could and should go that this was a system he projected where you would go. I have no idea within that system whether you or even he imagine there'd be so many Jesse marsh Tyler Adams touch points along the way you are so familiar with him what he wants his system. What did he tell you about what he needs to me? He just wanted to see the confident Tyler Adams, the one that when he came through and broke through in New York and initially made his debut and Leipzig, how I was able to bring my energy, bring what I'm so good at on the field and continue being the person in the locker room that people look up to and admire, but on the field most importantly, just get back to my old self and it's hard to hear that initially.

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