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Stopped by lot k on your way into the scrimmage for the training camp festival. There'll be live music Blackhawks alumni, John Williams. We'll be on live after Lou here on seven twenty WGN yesterday. The Blackhawks officially began training camp. At the training camp, by the way. Not sure what happened just to make sure everybody knows. I am not at the training camp. I'm here at the AllState skyline student the beautiful AllState skyline students, but I'm not there. Joe? You're not tripping about it. Back to you. Joe? I'm here at the studio. Not at the training camp. There is now I want you to specifically. Listen to me there is no bigger Blackhawks fan at WGN radio than me. I think I am the biggest person well Brian Newnan taller than me. But I'm bigger than Brian Noonan. Right. Are you gonna fight him for the fighting? I'm just for the title of biggest person told you that Brian Noonan was there, right? Newnan is at the training camp. Brian unions. They're probably Nick Gilio. He's he's a big fan as far as fan, but I've seen in physical presence at WGN radio. I would have to say that. I am one of the biggest people that work here. Ben cortez. One of the engineers is not in his that dominate right? They just crowned Brian Noonan the biggest Blackhawks fan. Literally put it back to you. Joe? Yesterday. The Blackhawks officially began training camp. Corey Crawford did not practice, but he did take the ice. He's been out since last December due to a concussion but head coach Joel Quenneville optimistic about Crawford's progression. He's getting real close. And then all of a.

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