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Your breath for four hundred miles. That's what the driver. It is. Jeff Gordon ahead by some three CARLING's opened off. Arnie is a legend you know. There's there's this is so distinct and you know he's so witty and scale everyday and checked on on the white deal. I've been impressed with with it because you have lost a lot of weight. I remember you had more than a Chinese Grand Marshal for today's racist one white you know from the blue collar comedy newer. Somebody told me that you had a chance to be another movie. Called the naked and the dead. And you're going to play both parts set crus- don't know who I would dream come up here. There's there's a race going on out here. Let's get back to get and what dad art born hall all seven pound all the lose. Your Wallet seems to be an annual event with goodies comes down trace is around long the Richard Petty again. But you to tweet me about coming up. You're doing this. Show leaning tweeted for new tweet or another been on a two-week diet already lost fourteen days. The Jimmy Johnson takes them off the number one he gets away from the lap traffic. The folks to wit the knowledge the detail behind all of it just such such a staple thirty four the best with cup drivers in the world get ready to run for four hundred miles here on a two mile. Track tough piece of asphalt this has got to be a wail of finished mike flag lap as they come out of line one to go racing for the lead the Winston five hundred contact between Earnhardt Jr. scattered what makes a good broadcaster as far. It's a racist comedian. Three things one is tell the people what's going on on the race track at present time as much as we can cover the pitstops third. You've touched the guy that falls out and he's into garage. You go talk to him and find out what happy one if you do those three things. You can't do a bad broadcast. I don't care who you are because there's nothing else to do you cover those three areas. You've you covered race. Bush put a block on to keep him on the outside up intern number four. That's come back to the line. He is there this time. He's going after the lead in turn. One man's will keep you straight to. They'll say you shouldn't have done that last week. Or what didn't you cover this to listen to them. You feel pretty well stay on top of everything that comes out of line. Green flag goes in the air to to a head off offended. Turn over one at all ready to get greatest fan in the world in his lives that we get. My Jimmy can lead to have done most of your life what you wanted to do you got paid for it. Had the best seat the Health Barney's.

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