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My family tree but she really dug into it the best she could and did a fantastic job and she found migrate great grandfathers confederate pension application and there it is in his handwriting and get a copy of it saved omar drive and it was and apparently really crappy handwriting runs in the family so he was he joined up the confederate army and police island he served several places and then was at the injured in the battle trillions so but he was applying for confederate pension benefits and other whom that's interesting where do you get confederate pension benefit well since the confederacy no longer exist who would it have to come from the united states government right right right everybody agree with that well everybody's talking about now how these monuments in these statues have to come down because these are statues to traders will not according to the united states government in 1901 the federal government the federal government of the united states of america designated all confederate war veterans deceased and surviving to be officially recognised as american veterans with all the rights privileges and benefit foods that go with military service that's how migrate greatgrandfather was able to apply for benefits there's an official confederate memorial at arlington national cemetery there are four hundred and sixty two confederate did officers men and their families buried there so the official the of facial debate about whether or not the soldiers were stray what were traders was settled one hundred in sixteen years ago by the united states government they designated all confederate soldiers as american veterans and again in that includes all the rights privileges and benefits that go with military service 556 to twelve fifty is the number to be on the program this morning of course meretek lindbergh saying that the and.

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